Commander Experience: Southwest Tour

BRP is offering off-road enthusiasts in Arizona, Texas, and Glamis, CA  the opportunity to experience the all new Can-Am Commander with our “The Ride Says it All” tour team. 

Throughout October and November, the BRP Can-Am Commander test rides will offer off-road enthusiasts an in-depth driving experience behind the wheel of the most powerful and advanced side-by-side vehicle on the market. Demo participants will have the opportunity to drive with product specialists in an extended demo format to truly experience why the Commander is in a class of its own.

To pre-register for an event and to get more information on rules and regulations, please visit: and use the drop-down menu to see the list of events scheduled for your state.  Simply find the event closest to you, pick your date and time, enter your contact information and the Commander specialists will schedule you and your friends for an off-road experience you are not soon to forget.

On-site you will be given the VIP treatment with one-on-one product familiarization and on-trail experience to give you a first hand look at how BRP has changed everything you have ever known about a side-by-side vehicle. Sign up now and ink it into your calendar!  

 Can-Am Off-Road Team

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