Check Out Can-Am Now! is the largest site on the web dedicated to Can-Am ATVs and UTVs, offering everything from discussion forums and technical articles to new product reviews.  Whether you are looking for information on Can-Am products or advice from fellow enthusiasts, this site is sure to have you covered! 



“With 11,000 members, Can-Am off-road enthusiasts can get tons of information and advice from fellow riders as well as share pictures, videos and stories of their rides,” said Marc Pukos, head of Can-AmTalk.  “We also have the only “member sponsored” race team in the industry, where Can-AmTalk members contribute to sponsor Rick Cecco in the 2010 GNCC ATV Racing Series.”   

Regular visitors are familiar with all the valuable resources Can-AmTalk has to offer, but new things are on the horizon!  In the coming months, the site plans to roll out “Team Can-AmTalk”…a new club for Can-Am owners to take their addiction to another level.     

Head over to now and find out what you’ve been missing!          

Can-Am Off-Road Team

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  1. Wolffmann34

    Can Am Talk is the best Can Am forum on the internet. Lot’s of knowledgable people and entertaining discussions.

  2. I love! Everyone there is great and very helpful. I’ve been a member for some time now. There is a lot of information there and people to meet and ride with. Check it out!

  3. Ranjo

    Cool stuff there, great site !

  4. mark

    new owner of a can am 650xt outlander! 2011 at the dealer for 10 hour check up. like it a lot so far, having a factory snorkel put on as well! very concerned about Belt getting wet. right rear tire has a toe in problem. anybody else ever hear of that? very new to the belt drive atv . had a rincon prior, never had to worry about it . anything else I should know? very happy with the can am lots of power ! thanks. mark

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