Feature Highlight: TTI Rear Suspension

The Can-Am® Commander™ boasts the most powerful engine in the side-by-side market.  But pure horsepower without greater handling doesn’t mean much out on the trails.  That is why BRP’s Can-Am engineers – inspired from the world of top-level, off-road trophy trucks – raised the bar when it came to suspension geometry.  The Commander uses BRP’s exclusive Torsional Trailing arm Independent (TTI) rear suspension.

Other side-by-side vehicles employ a Dual A-arm rear suspension, which causes the wheels to travel in an arc.  This motion creates wheel scrub, making the vehicle harder to control in rough terrain.  

The Commander’s TTI rear suspension was designed to overcome this problem and produce a smoother ride than the competition.  When traveling over rough terrain, the Commander provides excellent control and stability, due to the trailing arm in its rear suspension, which eliminates wheel scrub. In this system, wheels move rearward as they move up and down meaning the side-by-side vehicle does not waver down the trail.

Plus, TTI has up to 75 percent fewer parts than competitive designs and significantly decreases tire wear. The rear end features 10 inches (25 cm) of travel and the largest diameter rear, five-way preload-adjustable gas shocks in the industry 36mm (1.4 inches) for overall durability and better resistance to fading.

 To take a look at the TTI in action, check out the video at :31 below:

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we preview additional innovative features of the new Can-Am Commander series. 

Can-Am Off-Road Team

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  1. david staggs

    I have a outlander 500 max and just love it but you have a design flaw on the right side that to much heat can hit your leg and put blissters on you and I called you and the dealer no body wants to help me take care of the problem so I’m going trade it off and get something else. if you want to talk to me my phone no. is 812-753-4429

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