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Nestled among some of the most beautiful and diverse terrain in the nation, Water World Boat & Powersport has been serving outdoor enthusiasts of southern Oregon and northern California for over 41 years.  The family-owned business aims to be a “one-stop” shop for people who love the great outdoors, and prides itself on customer service. In fact, Water World’s owner runs the day to day operations, ensuring that every customer is happy with the products they purchase and the service they receive. 

“We are enthusiasts ourselves at Water World, so we understand what our customers want and we deliver it,” Said general manager, Ted Dole. “We are large enough to offer our customers the best deals on the best products, but we are small enough to provide personalized service – that has been the key to our success.” 

Water World is one of the largest BRP dealers in southern Oregon/northern California, its BRP product line includes:

  • Can-Am ATV
  • Can-Am roadster
  • Can-Am side-by-sides
  • Ski-Doo snowmobiles
  • Sea-Doo watercraft and Sport Boats 

Water World also features an advanced service center.  With so much to offer, it’s easy to see why they meet every need for the outdoor and powersports enthusiast.   

Check out the Q&A below general manager, Ted Dole, to learn more about Water World, BRP products and the great outdoors of southern Oregon/northern California.    

Q: How do Can-Am products help you meet the needs of your customers? 
A: The Can-Am product offerings are designed and built for the “enthusiast.”  The enthusiast is the person who puts a lot of value in the time they spend using their machine and they want the best product available. They can appreciate the differences that the Can-Am products offer over the competition – more comfort, built tougher, more power, efficient powertrains, superior handling, etc.  

Q: What seems to be the most popular Can-Am product among your customers?
A: We have been very successful with all BRP products. The Can-Am ATVs are doing very well in our market. 
A: In the last 25 years I have seen two products that shocked me at how strong the consumer demand was.  Both were BRP products and both were during this economic recession.  The first was the launch of the Can-Am Spyder RT last year. Even in a weak economy we had people beating down the doors to check out and purchase every RT we could get our hands on.  The consumer response to the new Can-Am Commander has been even better than it was for the Spyder RT.

Q: What has been the buzz and initial impressions about the new Can-Am Commander from your customers?

I had the opportunity to participate in “The Ride Says It All” factory demo at Dune Fest in Winchester Bay, Oregon in August. We did over 600 demos in three days and the consumer response was incredible.  The main statement was “WOW!” and the main question was “how do I get one?!”    

Q: What are your customers looking for in a side-by-side vehicle?
A: Performance is number one among our customers.  Performance is the combination many things including power, speed, handling, comfort and storage.  The Can-Am Commander not only has all of these things, it is the best in class for each one.  That is why everyone loves it.

Q: Which Commander model has had the most success so far with your consumers?
A: Most of our customers have some type of side-by-side now and are moving up to the Commander.  The Commander 1000 X is the most sought after right now. 

Q: Besides power, what other features are your consumers excited about?
A: The thing that surprises most experienced side-by-side users is the comfort of the Can-Am Commander. The Commander is the most comfortable side-by-side hands down.   

Q: Why are hunters and land owners so interested in the Can-Am Commander?
A: The combination of the comfort, ease of entering and exiting the vehicle, the storage, the dump bed and performance make the Can-Am Commander great for hunters and landowners.

Q: The weather is getting colder now, and winter is right around the corner.  Any advice for snowmobile enthusiast in your area?  Anything new for Ski-Doo this year that you would like to highlight?   
A: The new 2011 Summits with the 800 E-TEC engines are arriving daily and we are excited.  They offer 160+ horsepower, 20 miles to the gallon and no smoke. These things are impressive! Most of the riding in southern Oregon and northern California is technical mountain riding. And the new Summits dominate in the mountains!  

Q:Can-Am Spyder roadsters offer quite the rush for their riders, but they also turn a lot of heads from passers-by.  How have Spyders been received in your area, and what has been the reaction from your customers?  
A: Everyone loves the Can-Am Spyders. We have done very well with both the RS and the new RT. We are excited about the 2011 models and still have a couple 2010’s in stock at great deals.

Southern Oregon and northern California offer some of the most breathtaking riding in the world. Crater Lake National Park, Redwood National Park, Lassen National Volcanic Park, Hwy 101 and the Pacific Coast are just a few of the areas that are perfect for cruising on a Spyder roadster.  

Q: Oregon is known for legendary natural resources and beautiful landscapes.  How does your company help outdoor enthusiast enjoy the great outdoors in your region of the country?
A: Our area offers some of the best riding areas in the world. We truly have it all!  There is incredible snowmobile riding with thousands of miles of groomed trails and challenging mountain riding.  The ATV and side-by-side riding is great. We are close to the largest sand dune area in the northwest United States. Plus, there are thousands of miles of designated riding areas in the deserts and mountains of southern Oregon and northern California.  At Water World, we have something for everyone to get out and take advantage of living in this wonderful part of the country.

Thanks to all the pros at Water World, and be sure to visit them online at www.waterworldboats.com and on their Facebook page.    

Can-Am Team

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