Commander Comfort and Safety Features

The Can-Am® Commander™ sports the most secure and advanced ergonomics of any side-by-side vehicle in the industry. Not only has it defied the expectations of any side-by-side vehicle’s power and speed, but it is challenging the standards of comfort and safety with its adjustable steering, Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS)-approved roll cage and three point seat belts. The safety features of the Can-Am Commander were developed with both driver and passenger in mind and provide excellent components of safety and comfort for the riders.

Comfort is a major design factor of the Can-Am Commander. The seats come with full bolsters, side padding and boast a race-car like design, with the adjustability to make your seat feel custom made. Not only are Commander owners able to enjoy their seats while riding, but the seats are removable and make the perfect addition to any campfire gathering. The steering wheel is also adjustable, allowing the gauges to be visible to anyone affording every driver comfort.

The ROPS-approved roll cage is made from high-strength steel and is two inches in diameter – the largest in the industry. The quick-attach side nets provide a new level of safety, and the three point seat belts with an anti-cinch mechanism ensure both safety and comfort.

The state of the art Digital Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S™) anti-theft key system is an important security precaution that also promotes the security of your vehicle.

The D.E.S.S system ensures that the vehicle won’t start unless the key, microchip and engine codes match. The advanced ergonomics and safety devices of the Commander are unmatched by any side-by-side in the industry and offers comfort and reliability that every owner can enjoy.

Be sure to check out this video featuring more information regarding the design, structure, and safety of the Commander.

Off-Road Team

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  1. Morgan

    Ok I AM SOLD!! who wants to buy my RZR so I can get one

  2. Marcel Wagner

    Taking delivery of my new Commander this week. . .looking forward to getting it out this weekend. . .waiting is the hard part.

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