Facebook Fan of the Month: Casey Pavlak

Last week, we asked our Facebook fans to post their coolest photos of their Can-Am ATVs or Commanders “doing whatever.” We got some amazing submissions, most of them unpublishable. Guys, please use a helmet, wear appropriate riding gear, and keep all four wheels on the ground! However, the photo request did give us the opportunity to meet Casey Pavlak from St. Louis, Missouri. Read our interview with Casey about his favorite trails and how after trying the Can-Am Renegade he’ll never go back to Yamaha.

Can-Am: How long have you been riding ATVs? How did you get into it?

Casey Pavlak: I have been riding since I was about nine years old. I was given my first ATV as a Christmas present and have been hooked on it since.

Can-Am: Where is your favorite riding spot?

Casey Pavlak:  Turkey Bay (Kentucky) OHV right off the bank of Kentucky Lake is my favorite riding spot so far. I have just started to venture out and look for new places to ride so I haven’t seen a whole lot yet.

Can-Am: How often do you ride?

CP: I try to get out to some of the local trail systems every weekend but of course that doesn’t always work out. I also try to do at least two trips a year to somewhere new to ride.

Can-Am: Have you always ridden with Can-Am?

CP: No, I haven’t. Before my Can-Am days I was a diehard Yamaha rider. That lasted up until I test drove the Renegade. After that I don’t think I will ever ride anything else.

Can-Am: Why do you ride with Can-Am over other brands?

CP: I love Can-Am ATVs because of the amount of power they have. I like the fact that I have a 4×4 and can still give most sport quads a run for their money.  The look of the renegade is just so different from any other quad out there. It’s very unique and definitely turns heads.

Can-Am: What’s your favorite story from the trails?

CP: Well, shortly after I purchased my Can-Am Renegade, my buddies and I went on a trip to Turkey Bay. I was climbing up one of the hills in one of their challenge areas and, when I reached the crest of the hill, I soon realized that the other side was a drop off. I tried to make a sharp left onto another trail at the top of the hill which is when my friend Sean decided it would be a good idea to take a picture.

Can-Am: What does your dream trail look like?

CP: For me the crazier the better, I love a good challenge. An ideal trail for me would be something steep and technical.

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