Marc Pukos and his Outlander Max

Last week on Facebook, we asked all of our fans to post their favorite pictures with their Can-Am ATVs or side-by-sides. Marc Pukos, owner of, came through with an amazing shot of his Outlander Max LTD cutting through the snow. We caught up with Marc to find out a little more about his passion for riding.

Can-Am: Where did you take this photo?

Marc Pukos: This photo was taken on my property in Churchville, New York. It’s near Rochester.

Can-Am: Who took the photo? Do you ride with them often?

MP: My 16 year old son Alex took the picture. We ride Ski-Doos, Can-Am ATVs, and our Can-Am Spyder together as often as we can. There’s no better fun for a father and son.

Can-Am: I see you’re riding in the snow. What’s your favorite season to ride?

MP: We play in the fields in winter on Can-Ams, but mostly keep to snowmobiling during the snowy season. I would say fall is probably my favorite season to ride.

Can-Am: Which do you prefer: Mud, dunes, dirt, or snow?

MP: Snow and mud are always fun, but I like trails the best.

Can-Am: When did you start riding ATVs?

MP: Back when they only had 3 wheels, in 1982.

Can-Am: Why do you ride Can-Am?
MP: Can-Am ATVs have “attitude”. You don’t ride a Can-Am if you want vanilla or just “transportation”…they really offer a different level of experience.

Can-Am: You are the co-owner of Do you still think of riding as a passion or has it turned into more of a job?

MP: A lot of the “behind the scenes” stuff that is required to keep a big site running is certainly like work…but the passion for riding will always be what it’s all about: be it sleds, ATVs or Spyders.

Can-Am: When/where are you riding next?

MP: We are planning a trip to Northern Ontario in the spring to ride with some Can-AmTalk members. We’ll put the Outlander Max and our Renegade through their paces on some great trails in Canada.

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