On the Trail in the Cascade Mountains

Last week we asked our fans on Facebook to share with us their favorite stories from the trail. That’s how we met Bob Sherwood, who rides in the mountains of central Washington on his Outlander 500. After cutting through trails covered by a few feet of snow, Bob came to a ridge where you can see Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Hood…all from the same spot. We caught up with Bob to find out a little more about this memorable riding spot.

Can-Am: How long have you been riding ATVs/side-by-sides?

Bob Sherwood: I have been riding for about four years, the last two with a 2009 Can-Am Outlander 500. I am a member of a club called “Cascade Quad Squad” (www.cascadequadsquad.com ). We have around 90 members, riding ATVs of all different kinds. I definitely think my Can-Am is one of the best, though. I ordered a new Commander 800 xt in January. I have a feeling it will be the talk of the club when it gets here.

Can-Am: Why do you ride Can-Am?

Bob Sherwood: I like the can-am for many reasons: the v-twin is great, the handling and power is awesome. Like their slogan says, “The ride says it all.”

Can-Am: How long does it take you to get to the ridge where you can see the three peaks?

BS: It’s a little tricky to explain. There are 4 or 5 good spots where you can see the peaks, but none of them are longer then a 2 hour ride.

Can-Am: How do you find these spots?

BS: I found these spots by riding with the club, or by hearing about them from other riders. Most of the time you will be ripping through the trees to the top of a ridge and the view will stop you dead in your tracks.

Can-Am: Do you modify your ATV in any way to deal with the snow?

BS: I made a few modifications to the outlander but it worked pretty well right out of the box. I made some 1.5 inch wheel spacers for all 4 corners, added some grip heaters, installed a GPS, put on full skid plates, tacked on some mud guards and I can’t forget the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires.

Can-Am: Spring is almost here, are you going to miss tearing through the snow?

BS: Although spring is upon us and the snow is melting, we can still find some snow drifts to bust through usually up to June. We still have fun after the melt as the snow turns into some big slippery mud holes to play in.

Can-Am: What’s your favorite ATV riding memory involving Can-Am?

BS: One of my most memorable moments on the Can-Am occurred on a ride with the Quad Squad.  The only two Can-Ams on our ride were the only machines in the whole group to make it to the top of a snow covered hill. I was one proud Can-Am owner that day.

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