The Ultimate Racing Machine?

AMA Pro ATV Motocross rider Chad Wienen knows a winner when he sees one. Chad kicked off the AMA season by dominating the field at Aonia Pass in Georgia. In the first Pro moto, Chad crossed the finish line with an 11-second lead and won the second moto by six seconds. He summed up his performance stating, “everything is working so well this season that I come off the track and I don’t even feel tired.” The machine behind Chad’s “relaxing” victory? The Can-Am DS 450 X mx.

While Chad and his team fine-tuned the stock X mx, the machine’s essence remained intact. In fact, the stock DS 450 X mx comes packed with so many race-inspired features, most racers won’t need to change a thing before they hit the track.

Every racer will tell you they want the power to open it up when necessary. The DS is equipped with a 449 cc, 4-stroke engine that will let you jump up in the standings (if you’re ever behind). Built with the best power-to-weight ratio, the DS 450 X MX’s engine was designed to breathe easily and produce more power.

Equally important to power is stability. What’s the use in going fast if you can’t stay on your machine? At 50 inches wide, the DS 450 X mx’s A-arms meet the recognized standard for motocross racing. The anti-vibe steering stem gives racers a better feel for the ATV while making a pass or taking a tight turn on the course. No one wants to be out of control; with the DS 450 X mx, you can be aggressive without worrying about your machine letting you down.

If you’re ready to get serious about racing this season, hop on the same machine the pros use. With so many race features included out of the box, you’ll spend less time getting your ATV ready to race and more time out on the track, getting ready to win.

This weekend is round two of the AMA ATV Motocross championship and is located near Pell City, Alabama. To follow the racing action, head over to To learn more about the DS 450 X mx and the Can-Am X-Team DS 450 Amateur Support program, visit

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