Where’s Your Favorite Trail?

Last week we asked our Facebook fans to tell us about their favorite trails. Julie White caught our eye with her description of her favorite riding spot, Kruzof Island in the Alexander Archipelago in southeastern Alaska.

Riders take a break from the riding to enjoy conversation and the scenery.

An uninhabited island offering bumpy trails, old logging roads and a black-sand beach (North Beach) perfect for riding, Kruzof Island is a rider’s paradise off the coast of Alaska. Julie has been riding for more than 20 years and shares her passion with friends and family. Here’s what Julie had to say about her riding experience:

Can-Am: When did you start riding ATVs?

Julie White: I started riding ATVs in the 80′s. Back when three wheelers were still around.

The established trails on Kruzof Island take riders through a variety of terrain.

Can-Am:  Where is your favorite trail? What makes it so special to you?

Julie White: My favorite place to ride is Kruzof Island, off the coast of Sitka, Alaska. The scenery is so beautiful and the island is full of wildlife. It’s exciting to see a brown bear in the meadows on our ride across the island, and even more so to run into them on the trail!

Can-Am:  How do you get your ATV over to the island?

Julie White: We take a 35-foot Pac Cat Munson drop bow boat from shore to the island. It’s about a seven mile trip and ends up being a 30 minute boat ride from town.

As the National Forest riding area is on an island, one has to take a boat to get to the trailhead.

Can-Am:  How did you discover the trails on Kruzof Island?

Julie White: The trails on Kruzof Island began to form after logging subsided on the island. The logging roads turned into recreational use trails. The trails have been popular riding, hiking, and biking trails for many years.

Can-Am:  What’s your favorite story from a ride on Kruzof Island?

Julie White: It’s probably when we went over to Kruzof with the crew and Ethan, my seven year old son, rode his new Can-Am DS 70 across the island for the first time… at seven miles an hour… for seven miles…. ugh. It took us forever to get across, but I really enjoyed seeing our new little rider doing what he loves! Once he got to the beach he really tore it up. He’s now riding a Can-Am DS 90 X.

The trails of Kruzof Island are enjoyable on any machine and at any age level.

Can-Am:  Why do you ride with Can-Am?

Julie White: I ride Can-Am because they offer the best ride out there. My favorite models are the Renegade and Outlander MAX. I use my Renegade to ride the on North Beach. I jump on my Can-Am Outlander 800R MAX for a smooth ride across the island on the bumpy trails.

It is hard not to have fun when the day can take you from logging roads to wide-open sand play areas.

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  1. Brandon Bailey

    I wouldn’t call it a trail per-say but our favorite place to ride here at home is a place in Georgetown, MS called Copiah Creek Camp grounds. Its a campground on the side of Copiah Creek that allows all of us mud junkies to ride and have fun. Plenty of trails, deep water, sand, and mud to be found here. If ever passing through Central MS betweeen March and October check it out!!!

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