On the Trail: Exploring the Badger State

A while back we asked our fans on Facebook to share with us their favorite stories from the trail. Blake Buono’s story about cutting through the woods of Wisconsin on his Can-Am Outlander 800R XT caught our eye. We caught up with Blake to find out a little more about his favorite trail.

Can-Am: How long have you been riding for?

Blake Buono: Only 28 years! I never imagined this would turn into a life-long passion when I hopped on an ATV for the first time all those years ago.

Can-Am: Do you remember your first time riding an ATV?

Blake Buono: It was a 1982 Manco 8-horsepower three-wheeler with defective brakes. When I say defective brakes, I mean the brakes were completely shot. I loved that thing and I loved it even more when my dad fixed the brakes!

Can-Am: What model are you riding now? Why did you decide to go with that model?

BB: I have a 2010 Outlander 800R XT. I have ridden sport machines up until this point, but I need something with a better ride (my back isn’t what it once was). So I wanted something fast with a better ride. The Outlander 800R XT has really delivered for me.

Can-Am: How often do you get out and ride?

BB: As much as I can. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of riding areas by me so I have a long trip in front of me every time I want to ride.

Can-Am: Have you made any modifications to your machine?

BB: I put a full set of skid plates on the machine to protect the bottom of the machine. Other than that, the Outlander was perfect for me out of the crate.

Can-Am: What makes your home state of Wisconsin a great destination for riding?

BB: I love the woods…and that is one thing Wisconsin as a lot of. I love riding in the woods because I have been in them my whole life; the woods feel like home to me.

Can-Am: You said your favorite trail is in Blackriver Falls. What makes it so special?

BB: The Blackriver Falls trail system is very wooded and the trails are mostly sand so you get a smoother ride and not as much dust. Another thing that makes the trails of Blackriver Falls so special is there are more than 100 miles of trails; that is very hard to find.

Can-Am: Where is your dream riding destination?

BB: I’d have to say the Hatfield-McCoy tail system in West Virginia. There are trees and mountains…now that’s a dream.

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