Racing Preview: Budd's Creek

Coming up this weekend in the AMA / AVTA ATV Motocross National series is the Budd’s Creek national in Maryland. It is one of the most famous motocross tracks in the world and has been the site of some very famous battles in the world of motocross racing. The ATV nationals return to the track after an absence of several years.

The track is famous for its off-camber turns and elevation changes. It also features some of the greatest soil for traction. The Team Motoworks / Can-Am duo of John Natalie and Chad Wienen will look to continue the winning streak of the Can-Am DS 450 and our Can-Am X-Team amateurs will surely look to impress.

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  1. scott moon

    I must share a story with everyone. I bought a used 2004 bombardier. I really like the atv, but I have a problem with it. The atv stopped charging the battery. I did some research, and everything I could find pointed to the voltage regulator. I also read that this is a known problem for this unit. Between 2003 and 2004, they changed the location and design of the VR. They changed from mounting them in the front to mounting them by the battery. They also changed them from a one plug to a two plug. I called a local dealer just outside of Indianapolis Indiana, gave them the serial number, and the model number, they looked up the part and I ordered it. The cost was a steep $187.00. I drove a total of 3 hours to pick the part up and take it where I kept the atv to install it. The original part that is on the atv is the single plug, the part that the computer said it took was an up grade, it was the two plug VR, which I purchased . This does not plug in, or fit my ATV. The new part did not come with the upgrade plug. I called the dealer, and was told that I could buy the relocation kit which was $404.00 dollars, in which I told them I only needed the plug. The parts guy looked up the plug and told me it was $105.00 dollars for a plug. Just for a plug that was an upgrade that did not come in the VR box. I bought an upgrade VR which was changed in design. I bought the part that it called for and the two plugs did not come with it. How am I suppose to use it. The parts guy said “I do not make the prices” if you want it you need to buy it. A person would think, if a company made an upgrade, they would supply all the parts. Next I called Can Am. I hope nobody has tried this. The first time I called, I was ON HOLD for 45 minutes, and did not talk to anybody. The second time I called, I was ON HOLD for 15 minutes and finally talked to a guy. He said there was NOTHING he could do, I would have to go through a dealer, in which I informed him that I had already, and was not treated very nice and would rather deal with him. I was informed that he WOULD NOT do anything about it and deal with the parts guy at a dealer. I said that was unacceptable that an upgrade did not come with all the parts and I was going to have to pay an additional $105.00. I asked if I could talk to his supervisor, and was quickly informed that he would not let me talk to anybody else. I asked again, and he said NO, he would not let me talk to anybody else, and that I could contact them via there web site. I FIND WHERE IT SAYS CONTACT US, BUT DOES NOT ALLOW A PERSON TO CONTACT THEM VIA THAT AVENUE. WHY IS IT THAT I HAVE TO PAY FOR TWO PARTS, WHEN IT WAS AN UPGRADE UNDER MANUFACTURING, I ORDERED THE PART THAT IT CALLED FOR WHICH WAS A DO
    UBLE PLUG, AND THE ATV STILL HAD THE OLDER STYLE. ALSO THIS WAS A KNOWN PROBLEM THEY WERE HAVING AND THAT IS WHY THEY UPGRADED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Hope you do not have this problem of unfriendly service. I was ot treated friendly at all and basicaly told tough sh…

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