Riding High in the Rockies

Wendall Geigley has been riding off-road vehicles since he can remember. His passion for off-roading usually carries him up to the mountain tops of Colorado. A die-hard Can-Am fan, Wendall shared with us some of his favorite stories from the Rockies and told us why Can-Am is the only machine for him.

Can-Am: What model do you ride?
Wendall Geigley: I love Can-Ams so much that I actually have two of them! I have both an Outlander 650 MAX and a DS 450. Before that I rode a Renegade 800R.

Can-Am: What do you like most about your machines?
Wendall Geigley: The ride is so much smoother than the other brands. The stability of the Outlander is something that is really nice for riding in the mountains, especially on steep rocky trails. I like to have a lot of power for the mountains because no matter the machine, the higher in elevation you go, the less power you have. The CVT transmission makes technical mountain riding easier, which enables me to look around more.

Can-Am: Did you have to make any modifications to ride in the mountains?
Wendall Geigley: The only thing I needed to add was some high-altitude clutch ramps. Other than that my Can-Am was good to go.

Can-Am: How did you get started riding?
WG: I learned by riding a three wheeler and a mini bike in the Arizona desert with my dad. The desert was right behind our family shop in Phoenix, so after lunch we would ride out into the desert. When we moved to Colorado we got dirt bikes which we rode in the hills right behind our house. I’ve been riding off-road vehicles my whole life.

Can-Am: How often do you head out to the mountains?
WG: I try to head up several times a year. I usually ride with my dad and brother. My wife regularly goes with me, too. I use my machines a lot for getting up into the mountains to the spots where I want to go hunting.

Can-Am: What’s your favorite/most memorable story from the trails?
WG: On a recent Fourth of July we took a trip to go see a historic railroad tunnel which runs above the timber line. We left under warm sunny skies, but as we were about half-way up it started to rain. The rain soon turned to heavy sleet. We tried waiting it out, but soon we became cold and wet. We decided to turn around and go back down. Luckily we found an old railroad structure beside the trail that we were able to huddle under for about an hour. We finally decided we had waited long enough and it was time to leave. It only took a few miles of riding before we were back into the sunshine.

Can-Am: Have you always ridden with Can-Am?
WG: Almost, I had one Honda. The power and smooth ride of the Can-Am is what sold me. The two-seater models are huge in our area. For mountain riding with two people, the MAX platform is the only way to go.

Can-Am: Are you in a riding group or do you ride solo?
WG: I mostly ride solo, but when I do ride in a group it’s usually with family. I have found that clubs ride too slow and kick up too much dust.

Can-Am: How do you have to adjust your riding style when you’re in the mountains?
WG: I come prepared for all kinds of weather conditions. I like to take a survival kit with me along with rainwear. Like I described in my story, out here it can literally be sunny one minute and raining or snowing the next. Be prepared. Tire repair kits are essential, too.

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