Off-Road Riders: The Trails Need Your Help

If you love taking in a scenic ride through the woods, just you and your machine; while enjoying all that nature has to offer, listen up. A very strict rule has been proposed by the U.S. Forest Service that will limit trail access for all off-road vehicles in forests around the country. If riders do not speak up, some of the country’s most picturesque riding areas may be closed.

We want to make sure this rule doesn’t hamper off-road riding across the United States, and ensure you have access to your favorite trails for years to come.  Riders do not have to fight this battle alone. Americans for Responsible Recreation Access (ARRA) has sent out an alert to address the U.S. Forest Service’s proposed Land Management Planning Rule. Many other organizations are also concerned that the Forest Service’s draft rule is too strict, costly and leaves too many key terms and phrases undefined. The proposed rule clearly states that preservation trumps social and economic factors, including recreation.

You have the chance to stop this movement, but you must act fast. Make your voice heard by following the instructions below to send comments to the Forest Service before May 16. It is important that the U.S. Forest Service hears how important recreational use of our forests is to you. As always, state your opinion in a respectful manner, but let your voice be heard.

To submit comments visit go to the public participation portal by clicking:

Once there, click “submit comments” to enter your information and comments.

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