Can-Am Demos: The Ride Says It All Tour

It’s one thing to read about the all-new Can-Am line of ATV and side-by-side vehicles, but it’s a whole different experience riding on the seat or getting behind the wheel of one of these off-road machines. And that’s why BRP goes above and beyond with its 2011 The Ride Says It All Tour. This traveling demo tour lets current and potential customers get a real-world, seat-of-the-pants test drive on the new line of 2012 Can-Am ATVs and side-by-side machines.

The official 2011 The Ride Says It All Tour kicked off July 17-18 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and was part of the 2011 Club BRP festivities that was open to the public. The next stop is slated for this weekend, July 20-24 in Quebec City. From there, the tour makes its first stop in the USA. July 30-31, the demo tour heads to New Berlin, N.H. Using three different trucks, the tour makes more than 20 stops around North America to let off-road enthusiasts from all over experience the thrill of riding a Can-Am.

Take a look a the remaining schedule to learn about your opportunity to ride the new 2012 Can-Am models, including the Commander Limited, the most luxurious side-by-side in the industry today or the thrilling Outlander 1000! The Ride Says It All Tour is free, however, you might have to pay an entry fee for some events (e.g.: Races, State Fair, etc.).

Every The Ride Says It All course will vary based upon the terrain, demo land available and other outside circumstances, including rider safety. However, we tested the new 2012 Outlander 1000, Renegade 1000 and Commander side-by-side vehicle on the Montreal demo course and came away impressed. The demo track consisted of tight turns, small rollers, log crossings, stutter bumps, off-camber rises, long berms and a sizable straightaway for testing out the new power of the 82-horsepower Rotax 1000 engine in the Outlander.

For a demo course, the track supplied a good time and truly let us get a feel for the ATV, but in a controlled setting. This means you ride with helmets, goggles, and the appropriate gear, as well as have a lead and chase vehicle in your group, to not only assist riders (if needed), but also to keep riders in check (if necessary). We were allowed to take two laps on each machine we rode, so there’s plenty of seat time. Ride as much as you like!


ATV and side-by-side enthusiasts have the opportunity to ride Can-Am models on a custom off-road course in a controlled setting.

2011 Can-Am The Ride Says It All Tour – Truck 1
17-18 — Montreal (COMPLETED)
20-24 — Quebec City, Quebec, Canada (HAPPENING)
30-31 — Berlin, N.H.
12-14 — Montreal
19-21 — Pattersonville, N.Y.
26-27 — Greenville, Mich.
13-15 — Woodstock, Ontario, Canada (Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show)
20-25 — Detroit, Mich.
6-10 — Gilbert, W.Va. (11th Annual Hatfield-McCoy National TrailFest Event)
22-23 — Crawfordsville, Ind. (Can-Am GNCC racing event)

2011 Can-Am The Ride Says It All Tour – Truck 2
2-4 — Redwood Falls, Minn.
12-14 — Patton, Pa. (4th Annual Fisher’s ATV World Reunion Presented by Can-Am)
2-5 — Huntsville, Tenn.
10-11 — North Branch, Minn. (Hay Days Grass Drags)
13-15 — West Fargo, N.D.
7-9 — Freemont, N.H.
11-13 — Laval, Quebec, Canada

2011 Can-Am The Ride Says It All Tour – Truck 3
16-18 — Mitchell, S.D.
26-28 — Princeton, Minn.
6-11 — Eager, Ariz. (8th Annual Arizona Outlaw ATV Trail Jamboree)
13-16 — Jacksonville, Texas (Mudstock 2011)
28-31 — Glamis, Calif.
23-27 — Glamis, Calif.


The 2011 Can-Am tour kicked off in Montreal.

For more information on the 2011 The Ride Says It All Tour, visit the official Can-Am events page.

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  1. Bill Fasoli

    I want to test drive the commander 1000 limited. How do I sign up for a demo ride? I live in So. Calif.

  2. Antonio Hinojosa

    Can-am need to do a demo in Bakersfield area or north of California I like them and want to buy one but cant test drive. Make a change thank you

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