Can-Am LinQ System

With the new Can-Am LinQ System (pronounced “link”), adding accessories for maximum storage and convenience has never been easier! It provides the user with an easier, faster and secure way to instantly plug-in accessories such as modular bags, trunk box, front and rear rack extensions and gear grips.

LinQ System

No need to spend hours to install accessories that would have to stay on near permanently anymore: the system is fast, dependable and secure. Plus, for permanent installation, all accessories can be locked onto the rack using a custom allen key to tighten and loosen the locking mechanism.

LinQ System

The LinQ System is made of treated aluminum and charged nylon for maximum durability. All LinQ accessories were specially designed for the vehicle and the system is even built into the accessories, to secure a perfect fit and make them less bulky. The 2012 Outlander ATV rack has anchoring points that make it easy to fasten a whole line of LinQ accessories instantly. The holes on the anchoring points are bottomless to prevent water, residues, dirt and ice from accumulating. As a result, the anchoring points are never blocked and always ready for use.

This new sturdy full-lock fastening LinQ System is featured on a complete line of accessories developed alongside the 2012 Outlander ATV for seamless integration. The following accessories are available at launch:

• LinQ Deluxe Front Modular 44L Bag

• LinQ Deluxe Rear Modular 73L Bag

LinQ Premium Front Modular Bag

• LinQ Premium Trunk Box with Rear Light

• LinQ Premium Trunk Box Panel Kit

LinQ Premium Trunk Box with Rear Light

• LinQ 4” Rack Extension

• LInQ 6” Rack Extension

• LinQ Retrofit Adaptor Plate

• LinQ mounted Gear Grips by Kolpin

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  1. Hayden

    Hmmm… Kinda reminds me of Polaris’ Lock N’ Ride system…

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