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Josh Creamer has won two NEATV-MX Pro class overalls on his Can-Am DS 450.

New England ATV MX Series Recap (through round seven)

In the New England ATV Motocross Series (NEATV-MX) Motoworks / Can-Am DS 450 racer Josh Creamer currently sits second in points in both the Pro and Pro-Am classes after seven rounds of racing. He has two overall victories in the Pro class and two more overall wins in the Pro-Am division. He had a dominating double-moto sweep in both the Pro and Pro-Am classes at round six in Maine. And then followed that up with a second overall in both classes at round seven. He remains just 14 points behind the Pro class leader.

BCS Performance / Can-Am DS 450 racer Cody Miller has finished on the Pro-class podium in all but one round to secure third place in the points race. He’s also in third place in the Pro-Am rankings. At round six and round seven, Miller finished third in both the Pro and Pro-Am classes yet again.

Here’s how these two Can-Am-mounted racers got where they are in the standings.

Round 1

The season started at Walden MX in Walkill, N.Y. Creamer tallied 2-2 moto finishes in both classes to finish second overall in each in his debut on the DS 450. Miller, who came into the season as the reigning NEATV-MX Pro Champion, finished 4-3 in the Pro ranks to earn the third podium spot and went 3-3 in the Pro-Am class to also earn third to start off the 2011 season.

Round 2

Creamer won his first Pro class moto aboard the Can-Am DS 450 at round 2 held at Capeway Rovers in Carver, Mass. He then took second in the final pro moto to earn his second straight podium and second overall. Two second-place finishes in the Pro-Am class gave him yet another podium and second overall.

Miller earned his second consecutive Pro-class podium, posting third-place rides in each moto, which was good for third overall. He also finished sixth in the Pro-Am class.


John Natalie won both the Pro and Pro-Am classes at round three of the NEATV-MX series. Cody Miller was third overall in the Pro class.

Round 3

AMA ATV MX Championship competitor and Motoworks / Can-Am DS 450 racer John Natalie made a special trip to Hurricane Hills MX in Pennsylvania because of its close proximity to his house. He didn’t disappoint anyone as he won both the Pro and Pro-Am overalls at round three of the New England ATV Motocross Series. He was joined on the podium in both classes by BCS Performance / Can-Am rider Cody Miller.

Miller, who was not feeling well but raced anyway, went 3-4 in the Pro class to take third overall. And 4-3 finishes in the Pro-Am class were enough to secure another third place on the podium for the Can-Am DS 450 racer.

Creamer, who was second in the NEATV-MX Pro class points prior to round three, was anxious to give his new race engine a work out and did so when he won the first Pro-class moto. However, Creamer’s quad and another rider’s ATV tangled off the start of the second moto. Creamer came out of it with many bumps and bruises, a black eye and an aggravated knee. He was unable to compete the rest of the weekend in either pro-level class.

Round 4

In a return trip to Capeway Rovers, Motoworks / Can-Am racer Josh Creamer earned his first ATV Pro-class overall aboard the Can-Am DS 450 at round four of the New England ATV Motocross Series held in Massachusetts. Creamer, who recorded a 2-1 moto finish on the weekend, was joined on the podium again by BCS Performance / Can-Am rider Cody Miller, who was third overall.

Despite heavy rain, muddy conditions and nagging injuries, Creamer was in championship form at round four of the NEATV-MX Series. The first Pro-class moto began with Miller edging Creamer for the holeshot. The two Can-Am-mounted racers put in a great battle throughout the moto, but slick, muddy conditions created minimal passing opportunities and the two riders finished the race how they started it. The moto victory was the first in 2011 for Miller.

In the second Pro-class moto, Creamer took charge from the start as he grabbed the holeshot aboard his Motoworks / Can-Am DS 450. Creamer, the 2010 AMA ATV MX Champion, pulled away and took an easy victory in moto two. His 2-1 moto scores were good for the overall and more than made up for not reaching the pro podium the previous round.


Cody Miller is currently in third place in the NEATV-MX ATV Pro class standings.

Round 5

Motoworks / Can-Am DS 450 racer Josh Creamer followed up his round four overall win with a second overall in the Pro-Am class at round five of the New England ATV Motocross Series held at MX 207 in Lyman, Maine. Creamer, who took fourth in the first Pro moto, said he was nursing an injury and just wanted to salvage some points. Howevever, after he tired of eating too much dirt, he said he stepped it up in moto two. Creamer won the second moto and his 4-1 scores were good for second overall.

“I was going to just go out there to salvage points, but I got tired of eating dirt and just rode like I normally would in the final two motos and ended up taking a couple of moto wins,” said Creamer. “I really want to take the championship this season and I couldn’t just let the leader run away with the points lead, so I chose to race even with a sore knee.”

BCS Performance / Can-Am racer Cody Miller, who went 3-4 in the Pro class, showed some determination coming from behind in both motos and finding a way to pass five racers on his way to fourth place in the second pro moto. The Pro-Am class was better for Miller as he finished third in each moto, which earned him third place and the third position on the podium.

Round 6
Creamer swept (1-1) both the Pro and Pro-am classes aboard his Motoworks-prepped DS 450 at round six of the 2011 New England ATV Motocross Series. His four moto wins at Hemonds MX not only maintained his current second-place ranking in both classes, but also helped him creep closer to the Pro class points lead. He now trails first place by only 14 points heading into the next round. Miller looked good this weekend as well, notching two third-place overalls on the weekend on his BCS Performance / Can-Am DS 450 ATV.

“I had a great weekend. I came out here to win and that’s just what I did,” said Josh Creamer. “I had a good run this weekend and now I am looking forward to Southwick. That’s a bit longer track and it’s pretty sandy so I’m going to be training a little harder for that round.”

In the first pro moto, Creamer jumped out front early, but later lost the lead after making a mistake. However Creamer, the reigning AMA ATV MX Championship Pro class champion, didn’t let that deter him as he found a way back out front and won the moto. The second Pro moto was almost a repeat for Creamer as he charged off the line and took the moto win and the overall.

Miller started the first Pro class moto in fourth, but quickly moved into to third and held on to that spot the rest of the way. He then came out third in the next pro moto and held the position for a bit before dropping to fourth. His 3-4 was good for another third-place finish, however, and another spot on the podium.

Canadian Can-Am X-Team DS 450 Pro racer Richard Pelchat also competed in Maine and finished fourth (4-4) in the Pro-Am class and fifth in the Pro class. He finished third in the second moto, but his first-moto DNF hurt his chance for a podium.


Josh Creamer won all four motos (Pro and Pro-Am classes) he entered at round six held at Hemonds MX in Maine.

In Pro-Am action, Creamer again went 1-1 to win the overall, but had to pass Miller in the first moto to earn that score. Moto two was much easier as Creamer grabbed the holeshot and never looked back. At the end of the day, Creamer raced four motos and notched four wins!

After finishing third in the first Pro-Am moto, Miller came off the gate in second to start moto two. The three leaders were so close off the start that they almost collided. Miller eventually fell back and finished in third, giving him third overall on the Pro-am podium.

“My quad was working awesome out there and handled great even after the track started getting a little rough later in the day,” said Miller.

Round seven
In the NEATV-MX series, Motoworks / Can-Am racer Josh Creamer won the first moto in both the Pro and Pro-Am classes, but finished in the runner-up spot in moto two of each class. His 1-2 moto scores in both classes earned him second overall in each class. However, he remains just 14 points behind the Pro class points leader.

“It was definitely a rough track and I had some shock issues out there, but I finished on the podium and that’s what counts,” said Creamer. “I’m going to be doing a little more training between now and the next round, because I want to be back on top and take the win.”

BCS Performance / Can-Am DS 450 pro racer Cody Miller tallied a 4-3 moto score in the Pro class for third place overall. Miller, who grabbed the holeshot in the first Pro-Am moto, also finished third overall in the Pro-Am class.

The NEATV-MX series resumes with round eight on Aug. 7. Racers will make the trip to MX 207 track in Lyman, Maine.


NEATV-MX holeshots are good - just ask Josh Creamer - because riders get out front of the pack and get to take home these oversized checks.

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