DS 450 and Outlander Family Highlights

Last week we previewed some of the newest members of the Can-Am family; the Commander 1000 Limited, Outlander 1000 and Renegade 1000 will provide off-road enthusiasts with unparalleled power and handling. This week, we’re proud to introduce the new DS 450, Outlander 800R MAX and Outlander 800R X mr!

Can-Am DS 450

Can-Am offers one of the most diverse 450 sport quad lineups in the industry with three models to choose from: Can-Am DS 450, DS 450 X mx and DS 450 X xc. Whether it’s slicing through the tight, twisting woods, taming motocross tracks or exploring wide-open spaces in the desert, Can-Am has a model for every rider and every terrain imaginable. It’s easy to throw your weight around when you’re riding a machine with the preeminent power-to-weight ratio of any 450-class sport ATV. The DS 450 family features an innovative, no-weld ALTEC aluminum frame and a hearty Rotax engine that’s proven itself on racetracks and in extreme environments around the world. When it comes to superior performance, unmatched handling and precision control – the DS 450 should be considered untouchable.

Outlander 800R MAX

When you mix outstanding ingredients like class-leading power, exclusive suspension and proven handling, the outcome is the one of the most capable ATVs in the industry. BRP’s Can-Am Outlander MAX models are designed specifically for riding with a passenger. The longer vehicle wheelbase not only delivers rock-solid stability and super predictable handling with a passenger, but one-up, too. Ability to swap the seat and rack extension box without tools makes the MAX model extremely versatile.

BRP’s line of Can-Am Outlander MAX 800R ATVs is deep and versatile with many packages and available features like Tri-mode Dynamic Power Steering, Visco-Lok QE calibration, Air-Controlled Suspension, exclusive colors and a removable full-color Garmin Nüvi 500 touch screen GPS unit. From the base model, to its three available packages (Outlander MAX 800R XT, Outlander MAX 800R XT-P, Outlander MAX 800R LTD EFI), the Outlander MAX 800R line-up has something for everyone.

Outlander 800R X mr

Mud riders demand a special type of ATV capable of performing in brutal, unrelenting conditions; BRP’s Can-Am Outlander 800R X mr is that ATV! BRP engineers and designers worked with one of the most recognized names in ATV mud performance to develop this niche-specific ATV in Gorilla Axle.

Recognized by ATV Magazine as the 2011 ATV of the Year, the X mr uses the Outlander 800R MAX platform and long wheelbase for proven performance in the deepest mud. We then add other critical features required for mud riding. We relocated the radiator to the front rack, placing it high on the ATV and out of the mud and water. Next the CVT intake, CVT exhaust and engine air intake are also located high in the machine to keep mud and water out of important components to keep the X mr going even in the toughest conditions. Then Can-Am added a complete Air-Controlled Suspension system so riders can select a preferred ride height: high for getting to the mud hole and lower for riding to and from the mud. Can-Am adds premium wheels and Gorilla Axle Silverback tires for a complete mud-riding package.

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