Introducing the 2012 Outlander 1000

New from the ground up, the 2012 Can-Am Outlander 1000 features an innovative ride quality and superlative comfort levels that not only make it a viable option for trail riders, but also furthers its appeal to hardcore off-road enthusiasts by enhancing its proven high-performance characteristics.

The 2012 Outlander 1000 features a modern, cutting-edge styling that projects the image of aggressive sophistication without losing the recognizable sightlines of the Can-Am brand DNA. The fit-and-finish was a major area of focus as engineers and designers added a more muscular facade and a more seamless makeup. Less apparent fasteners make for a cleaner, more polished, look.

The next generation Outlander maintains its unrivalled engine performance with a new 976cc Rotax V-Twin, industry leading horsepower and a stellar power-to-weight ratio, all of which are integral attributes for a modern rec-utility ATV. The stylish Outlander 1000 offers precision handling and point-and-shoot dynamics that mesh well with its newfound comfort levels, revitalized ergonomics, improved conveniences and no-compromise makeup.

At the core of the Outlander rests a new 80º 976cc liquid-cooled Rotax V-Twin power plant that produces an industry-leading 82 horsepower and a whopping 17 percent more power than any competitive ATV in the market.

Despite its unprecedented performance levels, the eight-valve engine remains controllable and offers useable power for a wide array of riders and situations. Progressive throttle control means the power remains manageable in slow-speed circumstances or during a flat-out sprint.

Like the Renegade, the Outlander has been equipped with the next generation and industry-exclusive Surrounding Spar Technology (SST) chassis from Can-Am. The welded-steel G2 frame features increased structural integrity, improved durability and precision handling. The more efficient SST design offers increased strength compared to a traditional tubular steel chassis, a lower center of gravity, better handling and requires far less components, materials and welds.

Even with the amplified chassis, BRP engineers incorporated almost 16 percent fewer parts on the new frame than the frames used on previous model-year Outlander ATVs. The new, more durable frame can accept more than two times greater force and has twice the torsional stiffness as the original chassis.

Unique to Can-Am and inspired by trophy trucks, the Torsional Trailering arm Independent (TTI) rear suspension has been reconfigured to offer increased rigidity, improved suspension travel at 9.3 inches (23.6 cm) and include a removable external sway bar. This setup improves ride quality and suspension travel, keeps the ATV in a straight line and requires less steering adjustments than competitive models. In short, it makes for a much more comfortable ride.

Outlander XT

Along with all the updated features, benefits and performance levels of the base Outlander 1000, the XT also gets added components, making it stand out even more. The Can-Am DPS system is outfitted with three separate selectable levels of steering assistance: Minimum, Medium or Maximum. Dynamic Power Steering provides variable steering assistance no matter what mode the rider chooses for the terrain. The system is designed to offer less assist at high speed and more assist at low speed.

Available in black or BRP’s signature yellow color, the Outlander XT also features a 3,000-pound Warn winch with roller fairlead, wired remote control and integrated remote storage in the rear cargo hold.

The exclusive 12-inch cast aluminum wheels on the XT models have a unique finish compared to the standard model. Computer-optimized configuration increases strength in critical areas while removing unnecessary weight from other sections of the wheels.

The largest magneto in the industry can be found on the 2012 Outlander XT. At 650 watts, it means more amps for running accessories.

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  1. Not sure if I liked the new style.
    Looks like a copy of grizzly front and polaris back.
    Really didn´t like the plastic racks.

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