Extreme Desert Riding

Can-Am Off-Road Interview: Ehsan Ahmadi

To get a little more perspective on desert riding, we reached out to one of our avid riders halfway across the world in Kuwait. Can-Am enthusiast Ehsan Ahmadi has been riding on some of the world’s greatest deserts and dunes for years. He spends as much of his free time as possible riding his three ATVs in the Middle Eastern desert.

Tells us a little about yourself: Where are you from? What are your hobbies? When did you start riding?
Hello! I’m Ehsan Ahmadi, I am 29 years old, and I’m from Kuwait. Currently I work as a Navigating Officer or a Second Mate Officer at sea, and I also own my own private company. My hobbies include spear gun fishing, scuba diving, hunting with falcons, and of course cruising with my ATVs in the winter. I started riding when I was about 15 years old.

What year and model is your machine?
I have a DS650 BajaX 2006, a Renegade 800 which is a 2008, and an Outlander 800R from 2009.

What do you enjoy most about riding your Can-Am?
The reliability and power of my Can-Am is second to none. Also the fact that Can-Am makes me feel like I’m riding the “Bentley” of ATVs compared to the other brands I’ve ridden.

What’s your favorite type of terrain to ride on? For example, we know you ride in the open desert a lot living Kuwait; but what about riding on mud trails, through the forest and swamps, etc.? Do you ever have a chance to ride in other terrains? Do you enjoy it?
My favorite is in the forest because I don’t get the chance to ride in the forest much due to the region where I’m from. I also like to ride in the mud; however, unless it rains a lot in the winter here a good muddy ride is hard to come by.

From the pictures you posted on Facebook, it looks as if you have a lot of desert riding experience. Can you tell us about that?
In Kuwait it’s mostly desert, with not many dunes. It’s mostly flat. However, we do have one or two spots with some dunes, which is nice. They are not typical dunes like you would find in other regions such as UAE or Qatar, but at least we have some.

Do you prepare differently for desert rides, as far as prepping your machine, or even the types of clothes or other gear you wear while riding?
I would say we have the same preparation as everyone else. Only here we are able to drive a bit looser, due to it being a flat desert, with not a lot people or other riders around. Though we do take care, because safety comes first.

What’s the hottest temperature you have ever ridden in and how does your Can-Am hold up in the heat? How do you hold up? Does the heat prevent you from riding during certain times of the year?
The hottest temperature I’ve ridden in was about 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit). But I could only take it for about five minutes; any longer and my legs would have turned into K.F.C. Our Can-Am ATVs don’t have a problem with the weather, but we as humans can only take so much heat. In Kuwait everyone uses their ATVs from mid-September until mid-April, so we mostly ride in the winter.

What made you chose to ride a Can-Am over other brands?
Once you`ve tried all the other brands you`ll know that Can-Am is the best overall in speed, off-road handling and power. Additionally, I feel as if I can use them in all four seasons and in any weather condition. I’ve put them through everything and they never fail on me!

Have you made any special modifications to make your Can-Am perform better in the types of conditions you ride in?
On my Renegade 800 I’ve added an EPI Clutch Kit and severe belt! Also, a full exhaust Looney Tuned and K&N Filter, as well as Rectifier Sport & Magnum Spark Plugs.

I hope that I have given everyone a good picture of what it’s like over here. We love to push and test our Can-Am limits every year and they just want more and more, never saying no to any condition, which I have to admit, is AWSOME! I`ll be looking forward for the Renegade 1000, 2012 model in the future. Thanks for the interview!

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