Man on the Moon

Inspired by pictures on our Facebook wall that looked like they were taken on the Moon, we caught up with the man who posted them, Chris Sachs of Germany. Chris gave us the down low on where he rides and gave us an insider’s look into the very unique riding “playground” he calls home. We also asked him about the off-road riding scene in Germany.

Can-Am: Tell us a little about yourself, where are you from? What are your hobbies? How do you spend your free time?
Chris Sachs: My name is Chris Sachs. I was born in East Berlin, Germany, and I am 34 years old. Seven years ago my wife and I moved about 70 miles south of Berlin to get out of the big city. We did this because we both like nature and wanted to take a break from the city life. One of my favorite hobbies is riding ATVs, it’s how I spend a lot of my free time.

Can-Am: Would you consider yourself an experienced rider? If so, how long have you been riding on a Can-Am? What motivated you to start riding?
Chris Sachs: I bought my first ATV five years ago, so I’m not that experienced, but I really enjoy riding. The first model I owned was this little guy from Taiwan with only 26 HP. As I got more into riding, I started reading a lot about the sport, especially about Can-Am. I decided that I needed to have one.

Finally, last May, I was able to purchase my first Can-Am and have been loving it ever since. A huge motivation behind riding for me is the fun and action I get from my machine, especially when I’m riding with my friends. Here in Europe, you can ride an ATV legally on every street or highway as long as you possess a specific insurance card and your machine can go faster than 55mph. This makes it easy for me and other European riders to explore really unique places.

Can-Am: What year and model is your machine?
CS: I have a 2010 Can-Am Renegade 800R X xc

Can-Am: Have you made any special modifications to it?
CS: Yes. I improved the CVT with a better filter. I reinforced the frame with a long metal inlay. I improved the engine air intake adapter and also upgraded the exhaust.

Can-Am: Where is the most interesting place you have ever ridden your Can-Am?
CS: Friend me on Facebook and look at my pictures! F60 Lichterfeld is by far the most interesting place I have ever ridden. This place looks like the Moon. It’s simply fantastic; you can feel the freedom in your heart and the adrenaline pumping because you can ride as fast as you want in this great riding playground.

Can-Am: Can you describe for us your ideal riding experience? For example, who would be riding with you? Where would it be? What would the weather be like?
CS: That’s easy. My ideal riding experience is whenever I’m riding with my friends or taking any off-road trip. I get a great, wonderful, unique and irreplaceable experience every time I ride. So for me, I don’t care. Any countryside, any weather; as long as I’m riding with my friends it’s an ideal riding experience.

Can-Am: How popular of a sport is off-roading in Germany?
CS: Off-roading is a somewhat popular sport in Germany, but on-road racing is much more popular. Many ATV riders in Germany are street riders because of the open riding laws here. In West Germany there is not as much off-road terrain to work with so there obviously aren’t as many riders there. The good news is more and more fans are starting to ride each year!

Can-Am: What made you choose Can-Am over other brands of ATVs?
CS: I have tested a lot of other brands, but none come close to the power and durability that Can-Am offers. In my opinion, I have the best of all models and brands.

Can-Am: Can you tell us more about your pictures? How did you hear about Lichterfeld? Is it a popular place to ride amongst local riders? Describe why that experience was so “surreal” for you. How is the ride at F60/ Lichterfeld different than other places you like to ride?
CS: The pictures only give you a moment inside this brilliant day. There are many brilliant moments when riding here. The sky with the clouds and wind in perfect combination was very unique. And to have a desert sandstorm in the middle of Germany was completely unbelievable. The F60 is a great place to ride for my friends and I. Only a very small group knows about this off-road playground and hopefully it stays this way. I like riding in mountains, forests and any other exciting terrain, but no place compares to F60 Lichterfeld. Big Greetings to the U.S. from the East side of Germany!

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  1. This place looks AMAZING! I wish I could go riding there. Me and my DS 450 x xc :D

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