My Can-Am Product Idea

Do you own a Can-Am ATV or side-by-side? Do you have an idea – revolutionary or simple – that you feel could improve your riding experience? Maybe it’s a adjustable air-cushioned seat, a solar-powered light-up Can-Am emblem or a pull-behind trailer for your mother-in-law (just kidding!!)…the possibilities are endless.
What do you want from your off-road vehicle — you know better than anyone. Please share your Can-Am Product Idea with us and your fellow off-road enthusiasts.

Visit the Can-Am Product Idea page and fill out the form and see where your concept takes you. By the way, the submission of your Idea is entirely voluntary, non-confidential, gratuitous and non-committal.

Ride safe and have fun!

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  1. Jason Stiff

    I just wanted to leave an idea that I think would make Can Am the absolute best bike on the market hands down. I would like to see you build a atv that has the best motor you offer (rather it be the 650cc-1000cc motor) and mate it to a hydraulic drive like the one found on the 2004 honda rubicon. If you did this than you would have a beast and no competition at all. I currently own a 06 outlander 400 and I love the power the motor has but dislike the belt drive cause it tends to slip under a load. For example when the tires are stuck in mud. I think that if I had an hydraulic drive attached to that motor I would be unstoppable. This is just my opinion. Please feel free to reply.

  2. Paschalis Paschalides

    I own a 2011 outlander 800R xmr. Last week I managed to flip it over by doing a very basic mistake. I was almost at the top of a steep and very narrow gravel road. There was an obstruction on the top which I did not notice before I decided to drive up, so I couldn’t continue. Instead of getting off my bike and turning it around as shown in the instructional dvd that came with the ATV, I made the very foolish and extremely expensive mistake (4000 euro in damages), and tried to back it up. Then it happened. I applied the brakes gently to slow down the descent, but the shift in the centre of gravity flipped the ATV over and it rolled down the road. I believe if there were 2 handle bar brakes,for example; left handle bar brakes operate the rear brakes and the right handle bar brakes operate the front brakes, then this will give you the ability if backing the ATV down an uphill and applying only the front brakes then what happened to me wouldn’t happen. I was on the ATV with my 7 year old son but luckily we managed to jump off before the ATV flipped.

  3. Paschalis Paschalides

    I own a 2011 outlander 800R XMR. I believe if the rear wheels had more negative camber then this would increase the ATVs stability in tight turns and reduce the possibility of flipping over. Also the possibility to adjust the camber would be beneficial so as to allow the rider to tune the ATV to his preference. I would also prefer they the adjustable suspension would not automatically change depending on speed but remain were I choose it. Also being able to select four wheel drive on the fly would be very beneficial. Lowering the centre of gravity of the ATV and also lowering the sit position will help stability and also the feel on the bike will give you a far safer feel.

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