Can-Am® ATV rider Kevin Wilson heads out to the trails every weekend. Read on to learn why he says trail riding in the most exciting ATV experience, and why it’s a family affair.

Can-Am: Tell us about yourself and your Can-Am ATV.
Kevin: I have been riding a 2009 Renegade™ 800R X™ for the last few years. I had 7,200 kms on it when I sold it. Now I purchased a 2012 Outlander™ 1000 XT .

Can-Am: How did you get started riding?
Kevin: When I met my wife Sandee in 2001, we rented a Honda Foreman 400 and loved it. Then we bought the same Honda 400 and never looked back. We have been hooked on quadding ever since and have had a few quads since then. The first one was the Foreman 400, the second one was a 2003 Kawasaki KVF 650, third one was a 2006 Brute Force 750. Then the real fun started when I bought my first Can-Am Renegade 800R X 800. And I fell in love with Can-Am. I also bought a Can-Am Spyder RS roadster.

Can-Am: Why is riding important to you?
Kevin: The sense of freedom that comes with it! I had been into muscle cars ever since I was young, and then I tried quadding and the sense of freedom and adrenaline was amazing! I wish I had been quadding all my life.

Can-Am: How did you decide which model to get?
Kevin: At first I had no clue and just bought the same bike as we rented. But as our abilities improved we wanted a more refined ride and more POWER. I researched and bought the Kawi 650, then the Brute Force. Then Can-Am came out with their line of products and I was no longer the fastest. I didn’t like this; especially when the guys on the Renegades always rubbed it in. So I purchased my Renegade. WHAT A MACHINE!! This thing had great power and the suspension took everything I could throw at it without the out of control feeling I was used to. I‘d like to add that my wife Sandee is with me 80% of the time and together we are still as fast as everyone that we ride with. I couldn’t ask for a more trusting, talented passenger

Can-Am: How often do you ride?
Kevin: I ride every weekend, sometimes both days. Plus camping, as long as the roads to get there are passable. That is another plus to quadding, you can do it during all seasons.

Can-Am Is trail riding your favorite type of riding?
Kevin: Yes, definitely. Sandee and I ride trails and play games like trying to keep up to the leader. We also love a good challenging hill climb or going downhill. Fast paced trail riding is definitely my favorite but any quadding is good for me.

Can-Am: Where is your favorite place to ride and why?
Kevin: I’d have to say Waiparous, Alberta. The trails go in every direction with all kinds of terrain. There is something for everyone.

Can-Am: What is the best trail you’ve ever ridden on, where is it, and what information can you pass along to other riders about it?
Kevin: I’d have to say the trail to Pretty Rock, is the best I’ve ever ridden on. Unfortunately I can’t pass along directions, but it is in the Fallen Timber South Provincial Recreational Area. The scenery and trail to it are spectacular. Maps are recommended and available.

Can-Am: Does your entire family ride?
Kevin: It’s just Sandee and I now but the kids grew up quadding and absolutely loved it. They all cherish their memories. (All girls too!) They were introduced to it by Sandee and myself.

Can-Am: Do you think trail riding is a family-friendly activity?
Kevin: Absolutely. Pack some weenies and fixins’ and head off down any trail you like. Ride for hours, see breathtaking scenery, and all kinds of wildlife. Then stop by a creek or lake for a fire and picnic. Kids that are exposed to quadding are extremely lucky in my opinion!

Can-Am: Do you think the ride on your machine is different/superior to riding on a different brand?
Kevin: There is absolutely no question: Can-Am rules. It is the dominant quad in the bush these days. In my group alone, 75% ride Can-Am ATVs, and more friends are switching all the time.

Can-Am: What made you want to ride a Can-Am vs. another brand?
Kevin: I wanted to ride the BEST, BADDEST QUAD. Can-Am was and still is the best. I just bought the new 2012 Outlander 1000 XT. It’s a very powerful quad. I love it and I only have 105 kms on it.

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  1. Greg Sproul

    Well writen Kevin and all the truth (no B/S) WELL DONE

  2. Sandee Wilson

    This is incredible! Love to ride!

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