Texas native Lexie Coulter races a Can-Am DS 450 for BRP in cross-country races across the United States. We got in touch with Lexie after noticing an increase in the amount of women riding ATVs, and wanted to know what it’s like being a woman in the male-dominated sport, and why she thinks every woman can enjoy riding a Can-Am ATV.

Can-Am: How did you get started racing?
Lexie: My sister Kacy and I decided to enter a local race one weekend because we heard they had payouts. Neither of us had ever raced before  and had no idea what we were doing. But we both felt confident we had ridden enough in the pastures at home to survive. Between the two of us, we won every race and took home several hundred dollars. That day we caught the eye of David Culpepper, the promoter of a cross-country series in Texas called ATVCCS, and he invited us out to his races. Until this point I had never heard of cross-country racing but it sounded like fun so I went to my 1st ATVCCS race and won. I was hooked after that. In 2005 the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series came to Gilmer, Texas so I thought I would give that a try and to my surprise, I placed 4th. Six years later I’m still racing the GNCC series and have worked my way up to the factory backed Foremost Insurance/Warnert Racing/Can-Am team.

Can-Am: What is it like as a female rider, racing in a sport that is dominated by men?
Lexie: It’s really no different. My teammates and all the guys I race against are great. We respect each other and we’re all on the track for the same reason: to win!

Can-Am: When was the first time you rode an ATV?
Lexie: I started riding with my Dad when I was pretty young, and my grandparents gave me an ATC 70 for Christmas. I was pretty young, and I am glad my parents let me ride!

Can-Am: Many women are afraid to try sports like ATV racing. What would you like to say to them about getting over their fears?
Lexie: If you’re hesitant, work your way into it at your own pace. Start with a small machine and only do what you’re comfortable doing until you gain that confidence. And most importantly, wear a helmet!

Can-Am: Tell us more about yourself.
Lexie: I am from Tyler, TX and graduated from LeTourneau University with a degree in Business Administration. While I was there I played and lettered in three sports: basketball, softball and tennis. I work in the oil and gas industry for Pipeline Integrity Resources as a Corrosion Technician. I travel quite often with my work and race schedules so free time is scarce. When I am free, I love to be outdoors and enjoy mountain biking and staying active.

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