Fall Riding in the Midwest

The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and it’s getting dark out early. But for a lot of Can-Am off-road riders, those are more than just signs that winter is on its way. Fallen leaves and crisp air mean it’s time for fall riding! Read on to see why Can-Am enthusiast Quinn Schultz says riding in Northern Wisconsin is the best way to spend a fall, and why he plans to pass his passion on to the next generation of riders.

Can-Am: What makes fall riding different than riding during other times of the year?
Quinn: The cool weather, the changing of the leaves and just the general beauty of being outside this time of year is priceless.

Can-Am: Why is fall your favorite time of the year to go riding?
Quinn: Aside from the great weather, fall is kind of the last hurrah before winter comes. You’re out trying to ride every weekend and get the most out of it before the days get short and the snow falls.

Can-Am: Where is your favorite place to ride and why?
Quinn: As far as trail systems in Northern Wisconsin go, I really use to like the trails around Clark County and Black River Falls. The Dusty Trails ATV system is the best I’ve been on. ATVs are a big business in areas like Mountain and Suring and the local businesses are wonderfully supportive of the sport. I also enjoy the system north of Antigo in Langlade County. Parish Highlands, Augustine Springs and Lincoln County are all linked up and can make for an awesome day of challenging riding. When it comes to ATV parks the Embarrass ATV Park in Tigerton has come a long way and can be very enjoyable for a day. They also host motocross races there which can be a blast. But hands down the best place to ride for me lately is the Dyracuse MX Park in Rome, WI. This is one of the few places in Wisconsin where you can throw on a set of paddle tires and shred a little sand. Two motocross tracks and a 600-acre enduro trail with one way traffic make this the best place to ride in my opinion. The Rapid Angels Club does the best job I’ve ever seen of maintenance and sponsoring events like races and hill climbs.


Can-Am: What is the riding community like in Wisconsin and in the Midwest in general?
Quinn: It is fantastic. The people and businesses in Northern Wisconsin love seeing the business. And for the most part everyone has been riding for a while, so you have a segment of people who know what they are doing. Safety is important to me and to have the peace of mind that other riders not only love the sport but also respect it goes a long way.


Can-Am: How did you develop riding as a hobby? How were you introduced to it?
Quinn: I started riding very young.. Two of my uncles introduced me to ATVs and I never looked back from there. The first machine I rode was a Honda Fourtrax 300 4×4; I rode a Honda TRX300EX forever and a Yamaha Raptor 700 later. After I bought my Can-Am DS 450 nothing has come close.

Can-Am: What kind of machine do you ride and whom do you ride with?
Quinn: I ride a 2008 DS 450 with a few mods; nothing too crazy. My brother rides too. We try to get out as much as we can and our kids are getting to the age where they either ride already or will be riding soon.
Can-Am: Do you have any unique or memorable stories from your riding adventures in Northern Wisconsin?
Quinn: My favorite memory is of this past winter. My brother and I took our quads out on the snowmobile trails in Langlade County (it’s legal so, sled guys, don’t get mad!). Anyway, you can take quads on the trails as long as it’s 28 degrees or colder. Well, it was a bit warm during the day but we kept saying, “in an hour we will be fine.” It was great to be out with our whole family enjoying the weather. ATVs, snowmobiles or motorcycles it doesn’t matter. Just get out and ride!

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