Can-Am Winter Riding Tips


Whether it's scouting trips in the snow or a leisurely ride on a snow-covered trail, be prepared for the weather by properly preparing both you and your Can-Am ATV.

There is a six-letter word that intimidates some ATV and side-by-side owners: W-I-N-T-E-R. It is no secret that winter, which is usually accompanied by frigid temperatures and layers upon layers of snow, can be brutal in some parts of North America. We’re here to help you better understand that snow can be conquered and there’s no reason to store that ATV or side-by-side for the winter. Winterizing vehicles to work in the snow is much different than winterizing it for four-plus months of cold storage, if you catch our “drift.”

With a complete line of cold-weather accessories and a simple strategy, BRP has made it easier for Can-Am ATV and side-by-side owners to enjoy the snow, whether it’s for work or play. If you’re a long-time resident of the snow region and having snowmobiling experience, you’re probably familiar with many of the ways to stay toasty warm and whip the winter blues. But for those off-road vehicle owners with little knowledge and those who want to battle the blizzards, consider this a good way to get started.


Go on, transform your Can-Am Outlander 1000 into a dynamic snow mover.

We’ve created a short list of things you need to do to ensure you’re ready for winter and won’t get snowed in.

1. Gear: Proper winter riding gear is an essential part of riding outside on the frozen tundra. BRP offers both men’s and women’s Can-Am winter riding gear. From insulated vests to assist with your layering strategy to riding pants and jackets you’ll be warm to the core.


The Men's Winter Riding Jacket comes in yellow or black.

Our Winter Riding Jackets [PN 286253 or PN 286280] are waterproof, windproof and breathable. Integrated flaps and zippers allow for the perfect combination of waterproof durability and moisture evacuation during milder rides. Our bib-style Winter Riding Highpants [PN 286254 or PN 286281] are also waterproof, windproof and breathable and feature sealed seams and storm gaiters to keep snow out.

2. Gloves: Sure, gloves are part of the gear package, but your hands must stay warm and dry to properly function outside in the winter. That’s why gloves deserve their own mention. The Can-Am accessory line-up features Winter Trail Gloves, Winter Riding Gloves [PN 286204] and Mitt (mittens) and a new Camo Glove for hunters/outdoor enthusiasts. The extra-warm nylon Riding Gloves are for those looking to work and even play in the white stuff. They feature a leather palm for grip, adjustable insulation with a removable stay-dry moisture management lining as well as an extra-long gauntlet (cuff) for added protection from the wind and elements.


The revised Vision 180° Full-Face Helmet.

3. Helmet: For any type of activity, a helmet is a must. That even goes for winter riding and pushing snow. While your normal MX-style helmet or Open-face design might work for cooler temperatures, a full-face helmet such as the all-new Vision 180° Electric SE [PN 447461] would work better for brutally cold conditions. This redesigned helmet has a improved venting and breathing configurations as well as an enhanced sun visor with a new anti-fog treatment.


The Can-Am Deluxe Fairing is available in three colors (red, black and yellow).

4. Windshield: Compatible with 2006 to 2012 Outlander ATVs, the Deluxe Fairing [PN 715001232; black] is ideal for winter conditions as it adds a layer of wind protection and warmth than riding without one. The Can-Am Deluxe Fairing is customizable for different windshield heights, color and looks, lighting and even offers an optional mirror kit for improved vision while plowing snow. The auxiliary lighting kit [PN 715001214] features two premium LED spots for improved illumination and directional lighting. A GPS mount is also available for winter adventure seekers.


This heated grip / heated throttle accessory is for 2012 Renegade and Outlander (800 and 1000) models.

5. Heated Grips: If you’re going to be riding in the unpleasantly cold conditions, you’re gloves can only take you so far. That’s why the Can-Am accessory line-up features heated grip kits — available for both the driver and passenger (on its Outlander Max ATVs) — for added warmth. For the driver, we offer a Heated Hand Grip Kit and a Heated Throttle Lever Assembly and a combination kit [PN 715000915] for the 2012 Can-Am Outlander 800R and 1000. The Passenger Heated Grips [PN 715000634] offer high and low settings and replace the stock handles.

6. Apache 360 Track Kit: Designed as a year-round kit, the redesigned Apache 360 Track Kit [PN 715000938] offers supreme traction in all conditions whether it’s for work, ride or exploration. The revised kit offers a larger contact patch, improved ground clearance, new tread pattern and reduced steering effort (especially when installed on models with BRP’s exclusive Dynamic Power Steering). This kit works with 2006 to 2012 Can-Am Outlander models. A separate mounting kit reduces tire-to-track conversions down to only 20 minutes!


The Apache 360 Track kit and Apline Flex Plow system make snow removal fun and simple.

7. Rear Tire Chain: If the track kit is too much for you, another way to improve traction in mud and snow is to add tire chains. Available for both 25-inch and 26-inch [PN 715000225] tires, the Can-Am Rear Tire Chain are sold in pairs and add an additional layer of traction especially when plowing snow.

8. Alpine Flex Plow: Speaking of plowing snow, BRP has unveiled the ultimate snowplow with the Alpine Flex Plow [PN 715001181] Made from flexible UHMW high-impact thermoplastic, the plow is lightweight and virtually indestructible. With the Alpine Flex Push Frame [PN 715001467], most Can-Am Outlander owners can attach and detach the blade within seconds. We offer a bevy of plow accessories (winches, frame extensions, angling systems, drift cutters and more), too, so owners can create their own look and functions while pushing snow.

9.  SxS scene: Winter fun, work or play, is not exclusive to ATVs. The Can-Am Commander side-by-side accessory list also includes a snowplow, auxiliary lighting, winches, windshields, mirrors and even a Complete Audio System [PN 715001197] to further enhance your all-season experience behind the wheel.

10.  Winter Use:Now that you’ve gone to all this work building your ultimate winterized Can-Am ATV (Outlander, Max or Renegade) or Commander side-by-side, we suggest you also get out and explore. Your vehicle is snow ready, so go tackle the elements. But before you do, be sure to check with local trail regulations and even the local snowmobile clubs to ensure it’s legal and safe to operate an ATV or side-by-side on trails or snow-covered roadways that are also open to snowmobiles and other traffic.

For a complete list of Can-Am parts, accessories and clothing and model-specific information, visit


The Can-Am Outlander has its own line of accessories, including a winch, snowplow and cab components.

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