A lot of us learned how to ride at a young age. Our parents rode, passed the love of the sport on to us, and now we’re teaching our children to ride. So last week we here at BRP asked how members of our riding community involve their families in the sport. A lot of people answered our question on Facebook and many had the same response: we’re passing it on because riding is a part of us.

“It’s important to pass riding along to future generations because riding is in our blood,” Can-Am enthusiast Mayra Franco-Vasquez said.

Mayra Franco-Vasquez is like so many American working moms; she spends her days working as a Certified Medical Assistant, and spends her nights with her family at their Anthony, New Mexico home. But it’s her Can-Am and passion for riding that really brings her family together.

“With the passing of my husband’s uncle Robert, who also loved to ride, it is important to remember him by riding,” she explained. “My daughter never got to meet him, but when we are out there riding and later when she gets old enough to ride on her own, I know that he will be there with her.”

Franco-Vasquez’ husband just bought a Can-Am Outlander 800R MAX. His brother also has one. Her husband’s uncle Luis is an ATV mechanic, so he rides several different machines.

“Lately we have been getting together almost every other weekend to ride,” she said. “We go up to the hills by our house and are always looking for the trails that my husband and his uncles used to ride on years ago.”

The tradition of family riding started when her husband was young. He used to ride with his uncles, and the family continues to share their riding stories with the younger generations.

“One we always laugh at is when my husband was young and was riding, he fell into a cactus. He was so afraid to tell his mom for fear that she would no longer let him ride,” Franco-Vasquez said. “Luckily, his aunt helped him get cleaned up. She never knew. Like my husband says: ‘The hills were our playground.’”

She said riding helped her husband and his uncles develop an unbreakable bond.
“He and his uncles used to ride all day. They have this bond that is special, and that bond is riding,” she said.

The family started riding dirt bikes, and saved the family’s first bike.


“They passed it on to my husband and his brother, and we are passing it on to our girls,” she said. “Riding is in our blood.”

The family now only rides Can-Am ATVs, but will never forget how a simple dirt bike started a lifelong family tradition.

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