“It was as if I was in a dream. I could not believe it. I almost fell to the ground because my legs were weak and I was just overwhelmed.”

That was Jimmy Morley’s reaction after learning his long time love Tina Newton got him a Can-Am Commander 1000 LIMITED as a Christmas present.

“Receiving my Can-Am was unreal. I had no idea what was going on when the keys were handed to me in my driveway,” Jimmy said, in shock.

Tina had planned the perfect Christmas surprise for weeks.

“Jimmy had seen the Commander on the Internet and instantly fell in love,” she said.

Tina took Jimmy to their local dealership near Sydney, Nova Scotia, “Just to look.” While Jimmy was outside admiring the shiny new Commander, Tina told him she had to run inside to use the bathroom. Instead, she secured financing and paid her deposit. The couple returned home to do some lawn work, and in the midst of raking, a truck pulled up. It was the dealership delivering Jimmy’s Can-Am.

“When the Can-Am was driven off the truck that day Jimmy’s legs almost collapsed under him. He got all teary eyed and asked whose Commander it was,” Tina said. “That’s when I told him it was his Christmas present.”

Jimmy gladly took the keys, and can say only this about his girlfriend’s generous gesture: “Tina is amazing.”

But Tina says Jimmy’s Can-Am Christmas was much deserved. Jimmy is a carpenter who builds homes. Tina is a teacher’s aide who works at a daycare with autistic children. It hasn’t been an easy year for the couple. Tina lost her father and was diagnosed with a heart condition. Jimmy stuck by her 100%. He also stuck by her children during a difficult time in their life, and sold both of his four wheelers in spring, so that Tina could have a new car for Mother’s Day.

“This is why he is so deserving of the Can-Am,” she said proudly.

She even went one step further, so he’ll have more to open on Christmas morning.

“The accessories that he will also be getting include a Tonneau cover, rear view mirror, headlight protectors, and side mirrors,” she said.

A plowing fanatic, Jimmy took it upon himself to order plow gear for his new Commander. Although it’s not Christmas quite yet, the couple has already taken several holiday rides together.

“We’ve already gone several places on the machine and spent many hours enjoying ourselves,” Tina said.

Jimmy can’t wait for spring, telling us “I plan on doing a lot of riding through the highlands of Nova Scotia!” But for now the Jimmy and Tina will focus on how lucky they are, and how blessed their holiday season has already been.

“I personally thank BRP for making this a Christmas that will never be forgotten!” Tina said.

Seconds Jimmy, “Thanks BRP for a great Christmas.”

4 Comments (+Add Yours?)

  1. Wow, wonderful story. I love this kind of news.

  2. tina newton

    Hi there Can-Am …Thank You so much for putting this story together like you did. You did a beautiful job of it…AGAIN THANK YOU for making this A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER !!!!

  3. Michael

    Congrats Jimmy! That is a great ride and you have a great lady there! Love the Commander, the color is beautiful! Have a good winter plowing with the commander.

  4. Jeffrey Johnson

    That is a nice present! But really you have the best present sitting next to you in that Commander. Nice to see people love the same things and get along. Merry Christmas to you two from Maine!

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