Can-Am Lifestyles: The Outlander as the ultimate snow-plowing ATV

As the snow starts to fall across the United States, Canada, and many other parts of the world, Can-Am ATV fans rejoice in the fact they have another opportunity to use their favorite ATV – as a snow plow.

Take Paula from Minnesota, a married mother of two whose family owns two Can-Am Outlander 800R ATVs. One day, her husband asked her to take the Can-Am out to plow. She returned eight hours later after she had plowed the entire neighborhood. The Can-Am team caught up with Paula for the rest of her story:

Q: What Can-Am models do you own? And why did you choose those models?

A: We have a 2007 and a 2010 Can-Am Outlander 800R. We got the first 2007 Can-Am because it was powerful — this is the one we plow with. We got the 2010 Can-Am because it’s tough and has powersteering.

Q: How did you get started riding?

A: We purchased a 1999 Polaris Sportsman 500 and rode double. We loved it and as our family grew, we bought more machines. Yes, the entire family rides.

Q: How did you get started using the Can-Am to plow?

A: The first snow we got after we purchased our 2007 Can-Am and plow was substantial and many neighbors were outside trying to move the snow. My husband insisted that I come try the plow. … Eight hours later he drove around the neighborhood to find me. I had plowed out many of our neighbors and was having a blast! I plow the sidewalks and our parking area in our backyard, and will help out the neighbors as well.

Q: Ever thought about a snow removal business with your Can-Am?

A: That’s not a bad idea for my oldest son…

Q: In addition to plowing, do you do much winter riding?

A: Normally, we are not able to trail ride in the winter as they are closed to ATVs and open only for snowmobiles. This year there isn’t any snow, so we get out as time permits. Fall riding is my favorite time of year, but we love the spring riding mud. Summer can be difficult with bugs and other annoyances. My favorite type of riding is exploring the trails in my area. I have lived here in Minnesota for 10 years and not been down all the trails that are available locally.

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  1. gene ysidron

    i jusy bought my 2012 cam am “camo” 500 xt, i loved my 400 so much but now with the power steering on my new one i will give the 400 to my son, they are the most comfortable 4 wheelers thats on the market!

  2. Tim Levesque

    I bought an 08 800R this year and it happened to come with a plow. I live in Northern Maine so snow is always guaranteed. I’ve been using it to plow all year and I’m really surprised at how great this thing moves snow. The fact that this thing is way more maneuverable than a truck allows me to put snow wherever I want and allows me to clear more of my yard that I normally would. Usually I dread large snowstorms but now I look forward to going out, firing up the quad and playing around in the snow.

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