Can-Am Lifestyles: Wisconsin’s Aimee Wickland takes the family ice fishing using her Outlander

Riding a Can-Am ATV is more than just owning an ATV, it’s about owning a lifestyle. Any Can-Am ATV allows for all types of people to enjoy not only riding, but a host of other activities like plowing snow or as the perfect machine to take ice fishing. Wisconsin’s Aimee Wickland exemplifies that lifestyle as well as anyone. Her story is unique and uniquely BRP. From discovering her passion for riding, she found a great way to connect with her daughter and enjoy life to its fullest. She owns a 2012 Outlander 650 XT. Her story is below.

Above: Aimee’s daughter, Brianna, with a recent catch and son, Dan, with one of his.

Can-Am: Aimee, you recently took an ice-fishing trip with your boyfriend and children where you took your Can-Am ATVs out on the ice. You posted an awesome photo of your daughter, Brianna, posing with a monster fish she pulled out of the lake. Tell us about that day.

AW: Brianna had never gone ice fishing before, so my boyfriend, Scott, was determined to find a big fish for her to land. He’s quite the fisherman and took us to a small lake hoping we’d catch something. About two hours into the day, we had a tip-up flag flip up and everyone ran over to watch. Scott set the hook, handed Brianna the line, and walked her through landing the fish. She’s never really liked fish but when she got that beast through the hole, she picked it up and asked me to take a picture. The fish is a northern pike and we got so caught up with telling the story that we never measured or weighed it!

Can-Am: How did Brianna get into riding, and what does she enjoy most about it?

AW: Brianna is a quiet kid that isn’t into high school sports so it’s been really important to me to help her find things she likes. I was so surprised this summer when we went camping and riding. When we came back from our first ride, she was covered in dirt, dust, and mud but all I really noticed was the smile on her face. She loves being outside, seeing the woods, the views you can’t get to in a car, and the mud. She loves finding mud holes to drive through!

Can-Am: Well, it certainly looks like you had a great time out on the ice. What makes it the ultimate ice fishing machine?

AW: Now that winter is on us, it’s so nice to be able to bring it ice fishing. I’m able to load it on a trailer, tie it down, unload it at the boat landing, and get out to the ice shack. I can load the wheeler full of ice fishing gear, and be out to the ice shack in five minutes. If I had purchased a snowmobile, I could only use it for three months out of the year. I don’t always feel comfortable driving a vehicle on the ice. Plus, it’s fun when there’s a few ATVs out on the lake. When I purchased my Can-Am ATV, I thought it was mainly a summer thing, but it’s so much fun in the winter, too!

Can-Am: How did you get started riding?

AW: After I started dating Scott, we went on a week-long riding vacation up in Iron River, Wis. I did not have my own ATV at that point and I was curious. I knew the suspension would be good based on my short rides but I wasn’t sure how the machine would hold up, how comfortable I would be, and on that vacation I wasn’t just getting my feet wet – we were riding eight hours a day – I was jumping straight in.

At the end of the week, we were dirty, tired, full of stories, and I was hooked. I started thinking about buying my own and it just made sense to go with a new Can-Am. I didn’t want to buy a used machine because I didn’t want to worry about how someone else rode and maintained it. I’m not very mechanically inclined. When I started researching, I found that the new 2012 650 XT came with three levels of power steering, had a great interest rate, had extended the warranty, and that sealed the deal. It has enough power that I can haul a deer, make it through the mud, and at this point I certainly don’t need a 1000. I called around to a couple dealerships and the one dealership was unloading a new one from the truck that day. I drove the 45 minutes down to the shop and signed the papers!

Can-Am: Why would you recommend a Can-Am ATV over anything else?

AW: These reasons are not the reasons a man would buy a Can-Am ATV. The power steering is so nice and saves on my arms and I can easily adjust it based on the terrain. I really like the color in the rims. The suspension is like nothing I’ve ridden. There’s nothing like pulling off the trail and turning heads. I like how the machine slows down when I let off the gas (engine braking). It sounds really cool.

Above: Left, Scott’s 2006 Can-Am Outlander 800 XT and Aimee’s 2012 Can-Am Outlander 650 XT.

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