Q&A with Josh Frederick

We recently asked our Can-Am fans to participate in a Q&A with Motoworks / Can-Am DS 450 pro ATV racer Josh Frederick. We received a lot of great questions, and some great answers from Josh. Read on to see what he had to say. Make sure to keep checking our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CanAmOffRoad for more Q&A opportunities!

Q: What rituals do you go through before and after each race?
A: Mainly I just try to eat enough. It’s hard, with the nerves of race day, but it is very important to eat and get enough calories for a long race. About an hour before the start, I do a 20-minute row workout to get my heart rate up and get warmed up. I also say a prayer for my family and for safety.
Q: How much time and money do you have invested in your ATV?
A: Since joining the Motoworks / Can-Am race team, I haven’t had to invest as much in my ATV — mostly in training costs. I have invested a ton of time in testing and development. During race season everything you do revolves around racing. It can be quite exhausting.
Q: What tips do you have for those that want to become drivers?
A: The main tip I would have is have fun and don’t ride over your head. Through practice everything will come. Make it fun. It is a lot of hard work, but if you’re not having fun, it’s not worth it.
Q: What’s your training regime for racing?
A: I usually ride 3-to-4 times a week alternating desert and moto. I do lots of bicycling for cardio and strength training. I also like to throw in some swimming and basketball as well.
Q: What advantages does your Can-Am ATV give you over the competition?
A: My Can-Am DS 450 is very light weight and handles very well. In the long races it is to my advantage, as it doesn’t wear me out. It is also very reliable and very fast.
Q: How can I get a job working for you?
A: I am always looking for good people in my corner. Maybe someone to clean air filters, wash the bike and watch the kids while I ride (laughs). I am very blessed. Can-Am, DWT and Motoworks are great to work for. Who knows, you might be the person for the job.

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