We’re searching for the ULTIMATE MUDDER

We’re searching for the ULTIMATE MUDDER

Is your Can-Am ATV covered in mud more often than not? Do you conquer every mud hole while your buddies watch in awe? Does your car have a bumper sticker that reads, “I’d rather be mudding on my Can-Am ATV”? If so, we may be looking for you!

 What does it take?

We are looking for the ULTIMATE MUDDER to immortalize as THE face of Can-Am mudding and star in their own online show! Can-Am takes pride in knowing our riders go deeper and farther than anyone else. We are looking for someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes riding their Can-Am ATV through the deepest and thickest mud spots in the best mud-riding parks in North America. If this is you, then we want to know WHY you are the ULTIMATE MUDDER!

 Want to be famous? Apply here!

• Answer the following questions and email to canamsearch@gmail.com

o Why are you the Ultimate Mudder?
o What year and make is your Can-Am ATV?
o Have you ever won any riding awards or races?
o Do you consider yourself outgoing or reserved?
o Are you planning to attend, or are you able to attend, High Lifter Mud Nationals in Jacksonville, Texas March 29-31?
• Include your full name, street address, city, state, zip code, and phone number in your email
• Feel free to send us any photos or video links you may have that help prove you are the ULTIMATE MUDDER.
• Note: Proper safety gear and safe riding are required for consideration of videos and photos. If you don’t have a helmet and responsible riding gear, we won’t use the photo.

31 Comments (+Add Yours?)

  1. Greg Cawley

    this is awesome!!! just finshed submitting my entry!!!

  2. Neil Gallagher

    Great site lots of good info on can-am side-by sides

  3. Great website lots of interesting info

  4. u the best atv and i love it

  5. ………………My passion is always on fire to ride Can-am ATVs and i will never stop riding Can-am,,,,, because simply, when riding it, i forget the whole world!!!! ;) :-D

  6. David

    Ostacruiser all the Way.. not one of those Silly water racers.. David (AKA ostacruiser )does the best can am mudding videos around and is a true mud rider not a Water Pit racer..

  7. Pam

    Adam is a true mud rider/racer. He has been doing this a long time and even went to Sweden. That was awesome that he was asked to go over there and compete.

  8. Robert

    Ostacruiser should win, for over a year now I look forward to his video’s and he keeps me checking my youtube every day He is the reason I bought my can-am and has me riding dirty!!!

  9. Ostacruiser has the best can am extreme mudding vids on YouTube hands down. the guy is a walking can am commercial , i wonder how many can am’s have been sold because of his awesome vids. Ostacruiser aka David should win for sure i hope.

  10. Mike

    Another vote for Ostacruiser, great vids and shows real-world riding not that silly pit stuff.

  11. chris.black

    Can Am baby,blackie205 always going deep and wide open http://youtu.be/o-AaJ3iPWug

  12. Vote Ostacruiser, by far is the face of Canam ATV’s on the net. He promotes hard and rides hard. We are currently working on his new 2012 Canam. He supports the sport and Canam Products. It would be awesome to see him at Mud Nationals as the Ultimate Mudder with his Ultimate Ride!

  13. blissman20


  14. Jeramiah

    Blackie205 man! That guy rips pretty hard . I love his videos.

  15. Tim

    Chris Black (Blackie205) for the win!!! His video is ALLLLL him riding. Blackie ftw

  16. G.G

    Blackie205… all the way

  17. Nicole Brandoline

    Chris Black!!

  18. nick

    blackie 205 ftw

  19. ben

    i agree with Ostacruiser . the best!!!! have sat and watched all of his videos very good mudder :)


    Blackie..all the way ,a winner here …he rips it up ..wow….pick chris for the win !!!!

  21. Reagan Lee

    Chris Black (Blackie205)

  22. Daryl

    I ride lots with both Chris (blackie205) and Dave(ostacruiser) .they both deserve this win far over anyone else for the way they ride and WHERE they ride no groomed mud pits where we ride its all WOT and unpredictable real world situations in the most extreme terrain there is …

  23. MudNutZ

    Adam Ladner hands down. He has been riding can-am since the introduction of the 800 in 2005. He still has that bike,and has won alot on just that bike alone. We are not water pit racers. We have raced in some of the nastiest pits from FL to TX to NC and as far north as IN and Sweden! Adam truly is a champion and has quite a resume to prove it! So there is no question….Adam Ladner for Ultimate Mudder!

  24. Lee

    Oastacruiser (David) ftw. His videos are the reason I bought a can am this year and got rid of my brute. Thank you osta. You sit are the ultimate mudder

  25. Spencer

    I cant just vote for one. Osta is the man when it comes to knowin wbat to do but Blackie just tears it up in the mud!

    I’d say you should pick them both as the FACES of the ultimate mudder

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