Brian Fisher, host of Fisher’s ATV World, talks Can-Am, epic rides and more

Can-Am recently caught up with Brian Fisher, host of Fisher’s ATV World on the Outdoor Channel. Brian took time out of his busy filming schedule to chat with us.

Brian has several Can-Am Off-Road vehicles in his garage and is fortunate enough to travel across the U.S. riding on the best trails and off-road parks while filming Fisher’s ATV World. You can watch Brian’s show on the Outdoor Channel, check you local listings for show times. Here’s what he had to say about riding and BRP:

Q: When did you start riding ATVs?

A: I’ve been riding dirt bikes, three wheelers and ATVs ever since I was about 10 years old.

Q: What made you decide to do your own TV show?

A: It was just a crazy dream. I wanted to be able to bring the lifestyle of traveling around the world and riding ATVs to the masses and show how it’s such a great family sport.

Q: Why do you like BRP?

A: I’ve been working with BRP for several years and they make some of the best quality ATVs and side by sides on the market. One thing I really like about BRP…you know they’re not cutting any corners when they make something.   In my opinion, they have the best four-wheel drive set up (Visco-Lok QE) on the market.

Q: What has been your favorite off-road adventure so far?

A: We’ve had a lot of great adventures over the last 10 years, but some that always come to mind are Alaska, Costa Rica and the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.

Q: If you could plan a dream ride, where would you go?

A: The dream rides on our travel schedule at this time are Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand.  Someday, maybe we will visit Africa for a safari on ATVs.  Now that would be cool!

Q: What is one thing every ATV owner should experience or try?

A: Getting together for an overnight riding/camping trip with your close friends or family. Stay in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone or Internet service.  Then after a long day out on the trail, relax by the campfire and shut the rest of the world off — now that’s living!

Q: Dune riding, mudding or trail riding?

A: Dune riding is fun, but deep woods trail riding with some good mud holes and tight, technical, off-camber riding is still my favorite!

Q: Where do you see the future of ATV riding headed? 

A: With more families getting together to enjoy good quality time in the outdoors, I think ATV riding will continue to grow as long as we continue to fight to keep riding areas open. The best thing everyone can do at this point is stay involved with a local off-road club or organization that supports our sport and right to ride.

Q: Do you have any tips for Can-Am owners on getting the most out of their ATV experiences?

A: Get out there on the trail and enjoy the adventures that ATVing has to offer.  Remember “The Ride Says It All.”




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  1. Daniel Summersill

    Atving in the back woods with friends and sitting around the fire at night telling jokes and stories is just the best. Those who spend time together sharing the same interest stay together. The Fisher’s came to one of our camping trips one year and spent time with us. It was one awesome time just sharing with friends.

  2. Mark Herbord

    This was a very good interview… Good job Can-Am..Brian and his family are just wonderful people and I plan on making it to several of his tour stops again this year.

  3. Glenn J. Hill

    I’ve only been an ATV owner for a couple months, I chose Can-Am over everyone else because of their quality and the sense of commitment to the sport that they have. Most of the other brand owners I have talked to seem to admire Can-Am. I love my Outlander and consider it to be probably the first of a long line of Can-Am purchases.

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