Can-Am Offroad Q&A: Racing with Rick Sosebee

The Can-Am® team recently sat down with Rick Sosebee, a freelance off-road journalist, to talk ATVs and UTVs. As a former Baja 1000 racer, Rick is no stranger to off-roading competition. If it’s got a motor and goes fast, Rick’s probably ridden it.

Can-Am: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into off-roading.

RS: I am a young 42 years old and loving life with my wife Stephanie here in Georgia. I have raced the mighty Baja 1000 as well as many GNCC courses over the last few years and became an employee to my love for this sport.  I have always loved motorized outdoor fun and when I was younger I raced dirt karts at local tracks in Georgia. Having many different motorcycles, ATV’s and go-carts growing up I became addicted.

Can-Am: We recently featured the video that put together on the 2013 Can-Am lineup. Give us your thoughts on the 2013s and your favorite.

RS: It is hard for me to pick a favorite out of the Can-Am stable as they all get my attention. I personally own two Can-Am Outlander ™ ATVs, one of which I purchased right after the release of the big Ute in 2006. The other is a Can-Am Outlander Max ™ that will be featured in an issue of ATV Rider magazine very soon. If I picked a favorite, it would be the Can-Am Outlander 800 of any dress code.

Can-Am: What do you love most about riding ATVs and UTVs?

RS: Riding off-road gives me freedom to explore what our creator has given us. Living in the southeast I sometimes long for the huge dunes or desert race terrain, but I will forever love my mountains and the view from them. It’s something about the outdoors and enjoying Mother Nature’s beauty that draws me in.

Can-Am: The UTV and SxS segment has exploded recently. What do you think is the reason for this and where do see this segment going?

RS: SxS or UTV, whatever you want to call it, gives families time to be together and safe. The fact that a family can take a good ride through the trails together means they are bonding as a family. The UTV market will continue to grow and aftermarket manufacturers will continue to emerge as parts and ingenious ideas come to life.

Can-Am: Obviously you get to ride in a lot of unique places. What has been your most memorable ride to date?

RS: I would have to say that riding in Montana with Richard Childress (Richard Childress Racing Team Owner) was probably my most memorable experience. We rode the trails near the Yellowstone National Forest and went trout fishing on the river there. We spent four days at Richard’s Ranch and we were treated to six inches of snow the third day there, which made the next day extremely exciting.

Can-Am: What locations are on your short list for dream riding destinations?

RS: I think trail riding in Baja would be fun. I would also like to take a trip to see the wilds of Utah’s Paiute trail system for a few days.

Can-Am: What is one thing every Can-Am owner should experience or try?

RS: If I could give one trip to any Can-Am owner it would be a few days on the trails at Coal Creek in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. You could ride for a few days and not see the same trails. There are 72,000 acres there and it seems to go on and on.

Can-Am: Where do you see the future of off-roading headed?

RS: Off-roading is only here to stay if we all act responsibly. We must all protect this opportunity and preserve the riding areas as if we personally owned the property we ride on. We have people every day dumping camp trash, riding off marked trails and riding irresponsibly on the trails not realizing that there are big eyes watching our every move so they can cut off our privilege to ride. If we all do our part we can expect many more days of off-road bliss.

Can-Am: Do you have any tips for Can-Am owners on getting the most out of their riding experiences?

RS: Take care of your Can-Am with regular service and it will take care of you. They will wear out if you do not take good maintenance measures.  If you do not work on your own machine then at least allow a certified dealer tech do the repairs. Most of all, enjoy every chance you get to ride and take someone with you to enjoy our wonderful outdoors. Remember to ride at your own pace and ride safe.

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