We Talk TV and Can-Am ATVs with the Bayou Billionaires

The Can-Am® Off-Road team recently had the opportunity to chat with the stars of CMT’s “Bayou Billionaires,” Gerald Sr. and Kitten Dowden. They took time out of their busy schedule to talk life in front of the camera and having fun in Louisiana, as well as their love of riding offroad.

In fact, Gerald Sr. and Kitten have been ATV enthusiasts for nearly 30 years. When they aren’t on camera, you can find them riding their Can-Am ATVs around their expansive property. You can watch the Season 2 premier of “Bayou Billonaires” tonight on CMT. Check your local listings for show times!

Can-Am: What’s been the biggest change in your life since appearing on “Bayou Billionaires”?

 Kitten: The biggest thing is that people recognize us everywhere we go. Whether we’re in Louisiana or not, anywhere we go, people know who we are. They know so much about the show too! They’re so nice, which we really like.

Gerald: When we went to Hawaii, people even recognized us there!

Kitten: We haven’t changed though, we’ve been Gerald and Kitten for a long time and we won’t change.

Can-Am: What was your reaction when CMT asked you to do a show?

Gerald: At first, we thought it was a joke! We talked to CMT and the more we thought about it, the more we realized this would be a great opportunity for us. We said ‘Yes’ and they picked us!

Kitten: It’s been a fantastic experience and we love all the opportunities that we’ve gotten from the show.

Can-Am: What has been your favorite thing about being on the show?

Gerald: We meet so many neat people. We’ve been on Anderson Cooper and done so many neat things that we would have never really thought about doing.

Kitten: Everyone so far has been so nice, too. It’s been a good time.

Can-Am: Any downsides to being reality television stars?

Kitten: There really hasn’t been anything bad so far. I’m sure stuff will come up, but so far it’s been good.

Gerald: You know we’ve only had a few people come to our house. We live kinda far away from the city and our house is secluded. We had a couple old ladies come by with the last name Dowden and wanted to see if they were related! We had a girl come from Atlanta too, she was real nice though and we took a picture and that was all she wanted!

Can-Am: We noticed last season you were riding Can-Am ATVs. How many years have you been riding off-road?  

Kitten: We’ve been riding since 1984. Of course, back then they were three-wheelers! We’d go to Arkansas and ride in the mountains and if we went camping we’d bring the four wheelers along, too. Our son Gerald Jr. is a professional racer and even raced the Baja 1000. He started riding when he was about 4 years old and racing when he was 9 years old.

Gerald: Gerald Jr. has won about 16 races. He traveled to Oklahoma, Arkansas, and other states racing ATVs.

Can-Am: We saw that for Gerry Sr.’s birthday last year, he received a pair of Can-Am ATVs. You could have chosen any ATV brand. Why did you pick Can-Am?

Kitten: Well, yellow is my favorite color! We also knew they were good machines because Gerald Jr. races them.

Gerald: I like them because they’re fast and easy to ride.

Can-Am: Who is the better rider?

Gerald: (Pause) Well, hers has powering steering.

Kitten: (Laughs) Gerald is the better rider. We don’t race too much, we just like to ride and have a good time. Pack a picnic and go riding is what I say.

Can-Am: What type of riding do you enjoy the most?

Gerald: We mainly like to ride on our land, and we do like going to Mud Nationals in Jacksonville, Texas a couple times a year. We got plenty of space so we just hop on our ATVs and go!

Kitten: There’s about 10,000 ATVs there at Mud Nationals so it really is a good time!

Can-Am: Any suggestions you guys have to people who want to have a good time riding in Louisiana?

Gerald: Just get up, get on and ride! You can’t have any fear!

Can-Am: Now for a quick lightning round for you guys!

IHOP or Waffle House?

Kitten: Waffle House!

Toby Keith or Tim McGraw?

Kitten: Tim McGraw!

Mud or Trails?

Kitten: Trails, but Gerald might disagree!

Gerald: I like the trails, too.

Saints or Cowboys?

Kitten: Cowboys!

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