We’re Searching For The True Maverick

We’re searching for the TRUE MAVERICK

By now, you’ve seen or heard about the first-ever 101-horsepower SxS, the Can-Am ® Maverick ™. Although it’s not available in dealerships until spring, we know you want to ride one. We’re here to help with the chance of a lifetime.

What does it take?

We are looking for the TRUE MAVERICK to become immortalized as THE face of Can-Am SxS riding and star in his or her own online show! And here’s the best part — if you pass the show’s challenges, YOU’LL WIN A BRAND NEW MAVERICK. To be chosen, you have to be someone that stands out from the crowd. We’re not only looking for a great dune rider, but someone with an outgoing personality. If you are an outgoing person that makes friends easily and rides the dunes harder than anyone you know, find out how to enter below!

Want to be famous and potentially win a brand new Maverick? Apply here!

-Answer the following questions and email to canam.social@brp.com

-Why do you deserve to be the True Maverick?

-What has you most intrigued about the new Can-Am Maverick?

-Describe your sand and dune riding experience.

-What ATVs or SxS’s do you currently own?

-Are you able to attend all four days of the following event?

-Glamis, California, November 22-25

-Include your full name, street address, city, state, zip code, and phone number in your email.

-Send us any photos or video links you may have that help prove you are a True Maverick.

Note: Proper safety gear and safe riding are required for consideration of videos and photos. If you don’t have a helmet and responsible riding gear, we won’t use the video or photo.


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  1. nathan strunk

    I think i could be a true maverick. Im just an average joe that lovs wheelers. I curently ride a 01 banshee for the sand and a 09 bruteforce for the mud. When it snows i tear it up on my 99 artic cat zrt sled. My sand experince is just local creeks that dry up and even some river beds. I can be a maveric cuz i jus wanna have fun and enjoy my machines. Ive been thinkin bout going can am after my bro bought the new 1000 renegade. Would lov the chance to participate in this event.

  2. Hi I work for a Can-Am dealer in Colombia South America, I do the ads, do the Face Book, Twitter, Mails, and Sales, I will love to have a Maverick, I´m a Seadoo guy, but now with my position and where my store is located, will love to own one, and make road trips with clients, I know I´m not in the states, but never hearts to try. I don´t mind winning a demo, as long as its a Can-Am Maverik.

    Thank You

  3. joseph strunk

    Why do you deserve to be the True Maverick? i would represent can-am the right way id show people what this awesome wheeler could do and be freindly to everyone as they drool over it.

    What has you most intrigued about the new Can-Am Maverick?
    its crazy 101hp its gotta be a blast long travel suspention and the works its gotta be a heck of a ride.

    Describe your sand and dune riding experience.. well i dont really have any but ive riden alot of sand bottom creeks and some sand pits and would love to try out some real dunes…

    What ATVs or SxS’s do you currently own? i have a 2013 renegade xc its got 30 inch mud tires mag wheels dual exhaust efi programmer custom clutch and snorkles and man does it run hard and fast best wheeler ive ever owned or riden..

    Are you able to attend all four days of the following event? if i win this i will be there no matter what and have a awesome 4 days of fun in the sand..

  4. ronda pettit

    i want a maverick

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  6. My name is Ryan Drake and I am an Engineer with the Jackson Rancheria Fire Department. I have been a Fireman for 8years and love my job. I currently have a UTV race team that I race in the VORRA Race series in Northern CA and NV. I am a Maverick because I am currently starting a family and with my lower budget I race my UTV stock against guys with nearly twice the horse power I have. I have the belief that if I can’t afford something I truly want I will make it. I took my stock UTV A Arms and welded plate to the bottom of them to make them stronger and tougher for the demand of desert off-road racing as well as building the cage, tire carrier, sheet metal, and electrical for my stock UTV to try and race in the Baja 1000 of next year. Unfortunatly I can’t cast yet to make my own Big Bore kit to compete with.  I am considered a renaissance man by my new wife and because of my personal views of trying not having to rely on other people.  I am a Fireman, Pilot, Race Car Driver, Athlete, Photographer, and mechanic all of which I feel I am fairly competent at. I strive to be the best at everything I do which allows me to make friends and have common interest with everybody I know. As a Fireman I am in contact with a lot of people and am considered to be one of the friendliest guys around. Proof is that fact that I have moved about 30 people this year because I have a truck. I dream of owning the Maverick because I would instantly turn it into a Desert Race UTV that would be a blast to be considered a faster guy. You can find more info about me at TeamDrakeRacing.com and my amazing wife at AlyshiaDrake.com
    Thank you for this opportunity.
    Ryan Drake

  7. matt scantlin

    why does it have to be just a dune rider….what about the trail and mud riders….we don’t see no dunes here in wv…..we buy alot of atv/utv’s but i guess when it comes to winning anything or getting to see the unveiling of something in person or just getting anything back from the manufactures we are just SOL. atv/utv manufactures should start looking at the states like wv that have a big % of homes with atv/utv’s and doing something here!!!!! or maybe we as a state should stop buying them for awhile then see what happens……

    • CanAmOffroad

      Matt, to be clear, you can be any type of rider from anywhere in the world. You just have to be able to attend Glamis, where we’ll have the Maverick vehicles and the challenges.


    IM YOUR MAN!!!!! Sent in my email to be considered as the True Maverick

  9. mihai gologan

    NO COMMENTS ….!!!! I WANT IT …!!! ;))

  10. dave

    Is this open to canadians

    • CanAmOffroad

      Dave, to be clear, you can be any type of rider from anywhere in the world. You just have to be able to attend Glamis, where we’ll have the Maverick vehicles and the challenges.

  11. Brandon Sinclair

    Im a off road junky! ! I love both of my commanders equally! ! I’ve talked countless people into buying them! Im unemployed after i get done cutting my crappy corn harvest! To travel the country driving a can am semi going to all the different events! ! Thought i would throw that in!! Lol i need to win one because after this harvest i can’t afford one!! Lol

  12. Nick Taylor

    I would like to be the True Maverick because i have been nothing but a true friend an the go to guy when someone needs help. It is cool being that men but thats all i got an would be so cool to have this title. 101hp is what intrigued me on the Maverick. Face blistering fast i bet. Sand and dune riding experience is none but have been riding in the rolling hills an mud of PA since i was 16. I just got myself a 2013 can-am outlander XT 1000 after trading in my yamaha rhino 700 in. November 22-25 not a problem. Got my own business so i am the BOSS haha.

  13. Andre

    Love the brand keep progresing

  14. steven vires

    Because I fell the need for speed!! I love the whole package but most I can’t wait to see how fast it goes. I have no sand if dune experience. I own a 660 raptor and a 500 rubicon. I am able to attend. Steven dewayne vires 521 right branch spencers road. Chavies, KY 41727
    Pick me always wanted to were glamis and I need one of these mavricks!!!!

  15. Bennett Siebert

    this is a great bike

  16. Chad Demeyer

    Sounds like and incredible opportunity for some luck person!
    Thanks for even the thought of it Can-Am BRP!

  17. Derek Meunier

    cant wait to get my can am!

  18. I have the Commander X it tops out at 75mph and another 15 horsepower would be what 85mph?

  19. Kevin Roedig

    I want one bad!

  20. liam

    how do we win the maverick? i want it so bad

  21. Bring that thing to East Tennessee and we’ll see what it’s made of !!

  22. Cutter

    Hello. Im cutter franklin. I am an atv racer. All my family thinks about is racing and duning. I have wanted to buy my mother and father a can am since the first day i seen them. But im only 13 years old.. My parents need this. They want it so bad, my father said to me, why put in we never win. But , i was feeling lucky. They need this to have as much fun as i do at the track on my quad. It would be a real blessing to have one, cause we could never aford one with racing.

  23. robbie kearley

    that thing would be street legal here in switzerland,send me one please.id be a true maverick ……

  24. Icky

    Can’t wait to test drive it and see if it handles as well as my commander base model does…….I know theres a few commander owners hoping to give that thing a run for it’s money ;)

  25. Nick Lauer

    How about holding a challenge somewhere on the east coast? I live in SE Ohio and ride here and in WV. I’ve never hit a dune, but prefer the scenic trails these states offer. I played in a sandbox as a kid… but grew up as a sportsman in the woods. Don’t forget those of us that prefer the tight challenges of a wooded trail, the mud, or the rocks to the sandbox. We have plenty to offer SxS enthusiasts. I’d love the opportunity to ride one of these personally on the Hatfield McCoy trail system, or even on our local trails. Sorry… can’t be at Dunes… but if you like snow, mud, water, and woods – let me know.

  26. i would love to represent can-am and cruze in a new maverick by day im a full time wife and daycare provider to six children but nights and weekendsim riding in the dirt and mud or pulling my atv yes like the truck and tractors do i live sleep eat and drink atvs therefore im a true maverick (please pick me|)

  27. amos langford

    holy man!. this is awesome!. i’m a duner! and the biggest can-am enthusiast i know, and ride harder then most thaty i ride with regularly…i run a modified can-am renegade 1000 right now…and a maveric would be a killer addition to my garage!. the suspension on that thing has got me pretty excited as we have alot of whooped out trails here, the renegade xxc 1000 takes it like a champ, but doing it on a sxs, would be xrazy fun!.

  28. I am maverick! Been #1 BRP fan since i could walk, 26 years later i still am (cam)… I currently own an 09 ds 450 xmx, 08 mxz 600 etec, 04 mxzx 800 mod, and have an 300 etec outboard on my pontoon (sick motor!) My buddy and I started a freestyle/freeride club called 715riders, we host shows, ride & practice with slednecks boys, and do rides during summer as well as winter. I have been waiting for brp to come out with a new utv since the commander, just want to see brp over come polaris’s utv market with the rzr, and it finally is here! Im currently in the market for a renegade, would love a utv but dont have the money to throw down… if i had the maverick it would fly high and get rode hard ( just what it was made for) keep up the good work guy & gals…. see you in november!

  29. Sean Bradley

    I live in CT, been riding since I was 13, now 49- used to be dirt bikes hodaka road toad 100, then a susuki, bought my first atv in 2000 rode honda 350, then a prairie 400 for a few years, now for the last 6 years I have been riding my can am outlander max 400, through everything I can find, great machine but I d like to give it to my son who out grew his 110, since my total knee replacment and heart attack I find it easier riding on four wheels but cant afford it due to a long draewn out divorce after 27 yrs married, so I am sitting idle, broke and best of all single! so guys I could use the maverick for health reasons, fun reasons, teaching my boy the tradition to ride reasons, and id be a maverick and hitchhike if I had to for the chance. im competitive so it would be worth it. PEACE and safe riding…. SEAN

  30. Alexander

    I think I deserve the can am maverick because I use to have 2 quads until they were stolen the only thing I was able to afforde was a dirt bike and right now I’m regretting I bought it. In the winter I have to use my friends ski doo and other snowmobiles I have always wanted to win a sxs or quad to have the same fun until the quads were stolen. I get a long with everybody never had one person hate me because of my personality make friends easy and always like meetin new ones on the trails. The urge I have about getting this sxs is because my dad can go riding with me and my friends and also all the power and sporty looking. The experience I have with sand is there is a little dune I are trails where we go riding. I prob be able to be able to attend this event if I was eligible

  31. Travis smith

    Well thats a problem i live in NC and have no way of getting there . Hahah i guess im still dreaming

  32. Justin Hocking

    guess you have to live near dunes to be a Maverick? don’t see how this is really fair, I’d be a hell of a maverick solely on my love for the atv sport in general, and i’d LOVE to show up my brother on his new RZR, but I guess I’ll never get that chance because of where I live (midwest where there are trails, not dunes, closest thing to dunes here is a sandbar on the river). and God knows I won’t be able to afford one after selling my new truck to buy a house for my wife and soon to be baby girl

  33. Roger Scott

    I grew up with mini bikes, 3 wheelers, dirt bikes… Progressed to jeeps and drag racers and street bikes… I’ve done 2 strokes, 4 strokes, small blocks and big blocks… My current hobby is wheeling in Moab and Colorado in my TJ, even though its 1500 miles round trip to Utah… My dad has a CanAm 4 wheeler, but he don’t let me ride it… for good reason! hahaha
    I’ve always had the gift of gab with about anyone, anywhere… just ask my wife, or anyone else for that matter…
    Not only would i like to blast the sand (as i live near the Dunes of Michigan), but I want one to take to Moab to see what it can do there too…
    But be aware… i’ll take it to the limits… but i won’t be reckless!!! We take off-roading serious… including stay the trail!!!
    Good luck with your search… but seriously… I’m it…

  34. Fraser

    Would love the challenge to become the “True Maverick” and the face for Can-Am SxS riding.

    Why do you deserve to be the True Maverick?

    For the record I am a middle aged male with a good sense of family, friends and safety, as a family of 2 adults and 4 kids we all have been riding the outdoors on sleds, ATV’s 4X4′s, boats etc for 20+ years, I’m not sure that qualifies me to be “deserving” but if any of you have had that many kids and the “Toys” you have had buy you would understand how it might be hard to afford an upper level side by side that both my wife and I would love to drive.

    What has you most intrigued about the new Can-Am Maverick?

    The ability to be able to ride side by side with my wife and kids, second the technology, geometry, design, and power that when into this new Maverick is nothing short of inspiring to the people who understand it, BRP has set the bar for the future…

    Describe your sand and dune riding experience.

    Most to all of my riding experience has been in northern Ontario and BC we do not have dunes per say but we have lots of open sand pits and rolling hills mud and trails of all kinds for that reason I think this makes for a better all around rider and usage of the Maverick.

    What ATVs or SxS’s do you currently own?

    I hope this reply will not preclude me from your consideration, I have had more snowmobiles than I can remember, here comes your bad word the town were we have our cottage the only dealer close is a “Polaris” dealer, trust me it would be nice to have options and I am not apposed to change.
    Right now the family has two snowmobiles 2000 indy 500, 2007 super sport 550.
    ATV’s we have two 2007 sportsman 500HO two up and a 2009 XP 550 with EPS
    We as of yet we do not have a side by side but have been looking as we would love to add one to the fleet.

    Are you able to attend all four days of the following event?

    Given notice yes for sure

    Back ground that might be of interest.

    I work for a large Ontario City Fleet as a shop supervisor and technical trainer I am a licenced 310S (automotive) and 310T (Truck& Coach) I have been working on anything with wheels and motors all my life it is what I love.

    Since the 80′s I have worked on a number of automotive racing teams, the last number of years has been with a Canadian NASCAR team #66.

    Also for the past 15 years I have been a regular volunteer on two community “call in live” automotive TV talk shows (Rogers and Cogeco) so I have been in front of the camera on live TV not as easy as production shows.

    As for standing out in a crowd if you are looking for someone with a ton of body art and piercing’s I am not that, if you are looking for someone to be fun out going and be able to talk about the technology and the product this I am very capable of from a technical stance and personal.

    Last note I believe my driving skills to be above average on road and off road.

    I thank you for the opportunity to have a change to win this lovely beast.

    Full contact info has been sent via E-Mail to canam.social@brp.com


  35. Savannah

    When will the contestants be picked by? I entered and cant stand waiting!! AAHH!!

  36. Zach Weintraub

    I have mental condition I have a hard time in life and trail riding is a release for me i would love to represent can am with the maverick.

  37. The best part about the New Can Am Maverick is everyone would see the New Maverick as I FLY by them on the Dunes, Trails, Desert or anywhere there is side by side utv machines racing. The good old statement is “You can NEVER have too much POWER” is true and when CAN AM made the New Maverick it was to not compete with the competition but to “DESTROY” the competition!
    I am a long time duner living in Utah and plenty of opportunity to ride the open Desert, Dunes and Trails. And it does not stop just because everyone buys a SKI-DOO snomobile…no it just get better cruising out on the ice covered lakes on ATV’s and also in my New CAN AM Maverick to go Ice Fishing or just playing around with the kids pulling a tube. Yes, the Maverick would be used year round at my house! I have owned no less than 10 different four wheelers in my life and started on motorcycles. But I now prefer the four wheelers and ATV style of riding. I guarantee the rides I organize with my riding friends are fast, scenic and FUN…
    Check out my fan club on face book: Sand Mountain Duners.
    This is my Dune Squad of Friends and most have polaris rzr’s.
    I currently ride a 04 Banshee, 08 KFX450R and 08 700 Grizzly. I have owned and rode a 2000 DS650 and that was a great quad.
    The New Can Am Maverick would get Plenty of exposure with me behind the wheel and yes I am in Sales and I love to talk to ALL my fellow duners when we ride. LET’S RIDE.

  38. Do you send back confirmations to confirm you have received entries? I submitted mine 3 weeks ago, I just want to be sure you got it. Thanks!


  39. Jeremy Bittner

    Hello my name is Jeremy from Rochester NY.I am 36 father of 3 married the machines i currently own are 2008 outlander 800xt 2009 ds 250 for the older kids 2005 yamaha grizzly 80 for the youngest and i just picked up a 2010 skidoo mxz 800r ptek. Who’s the one person left out of the equation my wife she’s the true maverick. We also bought a 2012 can am commander 1000xt for my father in law which she loves. This would solve any riding issues making it more versitile. We could both attend the 4 day in Glamis no problem.

  40. jared

    i dont get to go to the dunes but i purchased a 2011 can am ds450 and ride at the track and woods and anywhere i can get to haha but ive rode a little sand and have the tires for it ive wanted to get a new sxs and wouldnt buy anything other than a can am cause i love mine and would love the opportunity to win a maverick and play around with one at the dunes ive rode my whole life and aint afraid to push it to the limit im an outgoin talkative person aint never met no one i dnt like sso i think id be a good candidate for this

  41. Email sent hope to see you in NOV!!!!!

  42. “Wow” a Maverick that’s what I am I love to ride and enjoy talking with people telling them what a great way to enjoy life and recreation because that’s what it is all about..family fun and life,
    the only sand we get to ride is some small sand dunes and creek bottoms but hey where I live it’s all slick rock it’s sand dunes but only petrified dunes 250 million years old hey that’s even older than me..I am a cowboy all my life love the outdoors and riding side by sides I have a rzr but I am very interested with the new maverick I love to rock crawl out here in Moab Utah and cant wait to get behind the wheel of this machine and see what it can do.I love people and make friends very easy it’s not hard when you have a cool looking machine by you..hehehhehe..just so happens I am able to be available for all those dates..please pick me please please I want to be the first one to have this sick looking machine..where I live I would be the envy of every one we get over a million visitors a year.. thanks for reading my comment.

  43. A true maverick? Can-am embodies everything that is unorthodox, unparalleled, and so do i. In 2008 i went down to the dealership and bought a brand new ds450. Ive spent the last 5 years staying on the frontlines of the Ds450 battlefront reviewing products and networking across the world on Ds450hq.com. I’ve put over 500 hours on my beloved can-am across all types of terrain across the south west and it won’t stop there. I have over 24,000 views on my riding videos online and would love to add the new can-am maverick to the stable. I would thoroughly enjoy pushing the brand further from the comfort of a 100+hp sxs as I’m traversing rock, sand and endless miles of California terrain. Why would i make the perfect new maverick owner? I AM a maverick, my passion and willingness to explore the unknown is paralleled only by a company with the same drive, Can-Am!

  44. mathew myers

    Looking to find my Dad a great gift on his retirement.

  45. Fred Meschonat

    If I had this maybe I could keep up with my son on his Can am outlander 650 but with my polaris 800 rzr will not go this fast in upstate ny we have no dunes but the riding is great

  46. boyd dusharm

    Nothing will beat my xp 900. Maverick, not even close, but nice try.

  47. Carlos Lopez C.

    In Spanish. Aca en Mexico estamos esperando el Maverik, yo estaba a punto de comprar el Razor 900 RZR pero me llego informacion del Maverik y al parecer es mas divertido y potente, LO ESTOY ESPERANDO. Saludos

  48. Who are the lucky winners!?


  49. ronald parker

    i am 51years young and still love to ride anything with two or four wheels i will ride the hell out it.sand mud hills if it has a weak point i will find it. if you want to see what it can do let me have it.i am not crazy just love to have fun, even on the edge.

  50. Fraser

    Yes, would you know when you will be posting the winners names been looking most everyday :)

  51. angel

    Quiero comprar un can am maverick

    Quiero saber el precio es para tunja

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