Meet Scott Hall, the Can-Am True Maverick

We received more than 100 entries during our Search for the True Maverick. We looked for someone who has lived the life of a maverick and had the right combination of riding ability and personality to become the face of the new Can-Am Maverick SxS. It was a difficult decision. The Can-Am brand certainly has some of the coolest fans on the planet. Many entries met every qualification we were looking for and then some. In the end, there could be only one True Maverick. That person is Scott Hall.

Scott is a former U.S. Forest Service Smokejumper and current California firefighter. That means he’s spent his life either parachuting into remote locations to fight fires or running into burning buildings to save lives. He’s also one heck of a rider and driver. When he’s not at his job or in his SxS, Scott is spending time with his family, which welcomed a new son just a few months ago.

As our True Maverick, Scott will have a chance to win a new Can-Am Maverick over the Thanksgiving weekend at the famed Imperial Sand Dunes Recreational Area of California – more commonly known as “Glamis”.There, he will have a chance to complete a series of challenges in order to win the side-by-side vehicle. We’ll have a complete video series shortly thereafter documenting the experience. We hope you tune in.

We’ll let Scott tell you more about himself in his own words.

Can-Am: What made you believe you’d be a good fit for the True Maverick program?

Scott Hall: I believe I am the best fit to be the True Maverick because of my personality, determination, and my love for physical and mental challenges. In my 32 years I have done some amazing things. For example, becoming a seasonal firefighter for United States Forest Service, a Smokejumper, and at the age of 24, a city firefighter.

A few of my physical accomplishments have been hiking Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, hiking to the Peak of Mt. Whitney, and my most recent challenge was successfully completing two days of the Tough Mudder.

In the application process, BRP had said that they wanted someone that would stand out in a crowd.  I believe my driving skills, ability to befriend people, and my positive attitude will accomplish that.

Can-Am: You used to be a smokejumper. Tell us about what you did in that line of work. 

Scott Hall: In my early 20’s, I seized the opportunity to apply for a Smokejumper position under the United States Forest Service. This had been a desire of mine since my high school days. I was one of 13 people to complete rookie training that season. The program consisted of a strenuous training regiment. A Smokejumper is a wild land firefighter that parachutes out of an airplane into the desolate areas to attack the fires. Most of those fires were in hard to reach areas, inaccessible to vehicles, and a quick initial attack was needed. Those fires may have needed only two people or more than 20. The length can be one day to two or more weeks.

As a Smokejumper I traveled to Oregon, Washington, Montana and Nevada. I had jumped 49 times, and left the Smokejumper program to work as a city firefighter. My only regret was not making my 50th jump.

Can-Am: Tell us a little bit about your family.

SH: I live in Oakdale, California with my beautiful wife and baby boy. I met my wife in July of 2004, and we married in June of 2009. This past March, we were blessed with a wonderful son whose smile brightens my day. I cannot wait for him to be my co-pilot on the dunes and hear his excitement. As a family we enjoy camping and playing in the outdoors.

Can-Am:  As a Polaris RZR owner, what’s got you so intrigued with the Can-Am Maverick? 

SH: The Can-Am Maverick has raised the bar for off the showroom floor SxS. The progression through the years is impressive, from where it started to where it is now! First off, it’s got the highest horsepower of any SxS, a 101-hp Rotax V-Twin and dual exhaust from the factory. I can’t wait to hear this thing running! Also it has 14 inches of travel, using the Torsional Trailing A-Arm suspension. This is something new and I am interested to see how it works and how well it handles.

I think it’s pretty cool how the X rs package comes with bead lock wheels, 2.5’ Fox Shocks with dual speed compression and rebound adjustability. No other stock unit has this! I have considered making these changes to my current SxS. It’s a nice feature for people that are not mechanically inclined, but want the best. I am really anxious to see the whole unit come together with the newest advancements on the market.

Can-Am: What would it mean for you to win a Can-Am Maverick at Glamis?

SH: I feel like I’ve already won. Knowing that I was the only one hand picked to be associated with Can-Am and the Maverick astounds me. I’m ecstatic to show off my driving skills, and to help promote this new machine. It is also a new challenge for me, one I have never done before, and I thrive on completing challenges. I hope people rally behind me to help me win!

Can-Am: Describe your riding style as well as your riding skill and experience. 

SH: I began riding at the age of three. My first ride was a Honda ATC 70, and then progressed to dirt bikes. As a child, we would ride at various locations, but my favorite was competing in the family enduros. At 15 I was riding a street bike to high school; this was before I even had my driver’s license for a car.

My recreational riding slowed down as I began my Forest Service career. Once I became a firefighter, my love for the outdoors and riding began again. I purchased a Jeep, put on a long arm lift, wheels and tires, bumpers and so on. I began rock crawling on my days off, but sooner or later I knew Murphy’s Law would catch up to me and I’d damage my rig or get injured. I sold it and came across the Polaris RZR S, which led me into duning. I love the SxS concept, as we can head to the Sierras to ride on fire roads or play in the dunes. It’s also comfortable and safe for my wife to drive. Then Polaris RZR XP came out, with more power, so we upgraded and have been driving that for over a year.

At the 2012 Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa, we watched the unveiling of the Can-Am Maverick. Seeing the machine sparked my interest. I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to ride it and see how it handles. With my growing family it is also nice to see another four seater on the market, the Can-Am Maverick MAX, as one will be needed in the future.

My wife would describe my driving style as crazy, or that I watch too much Nitro Circus.  However, I’m always in control and safe.  I love shooting bowls, cranking turns, finding spines to jump, and side hill drifting. I’m also a cautious driver when it is busy and am becoming more adept at reading the sand. I’m the person that people want to ride with, as they know it will be a thrilling and safe ride. Within our riding group, I am always the leader, because they know I will find some cool routes to play on.

Can-Am: What are you most looking forward to about going there for the first time?

SH: Everyone sort of has a list of places they want to see, and Glamis is on mine. I have driven the dunes at Oceano (Pismo Dunes), a yearly trip to Winchester Bay, spent a day at Florence and now Glamis Dunes. It looks as though the sand goes forever, the variety of terrain from dune to dune, and the many of lines available look awesome. I cannot wait to find some clean sand and lay down some tracks. Most importantly, I look forward to riding the Maverick.

Can-Am: What do you consider your biggest life accomplishment?

SH: I would have to say my biggest accomplishment in life is that I have worked hard for all that I have. I have a wonderful career that enables me to spend time with my family, as well as the ability to go play. I am truly a big kid at heart. Through my hard work and determination, I’ve had some unique and wonderful life experiences.

Can-Am: Is there anything else you want people to know about you or anything you want to add? 

SH: I want people to know that I am a down to Earth, hardworking person that took the time to fill out the questionnaire. I’m looking forward to meeting fellow dune enthusiasts at Glamis and talking about the Can-Am Maverick!


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  1. Fraser

    Scott best of luck I’m sure they had a hard time picking, but the time you spent on your reply looks like they picked good person, we all gave it our best.
    Have fun ride hard and we will looking and dreaming for you to come home with a new BRP 1000.
    Wishing you well

  2. Tim Bray

    Met Scott this weekend at Glamis. He is a really cool and lucky guy. He enjoyed riding the Maverick and being “the Maverick”. Enjoy your new toy!

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