HMF Racing’s Hans Luenger Clears the Air

No matter who we talk to in the off-road community, no matter where we talk to them, one rallying cry is universal: “More horsepower.” ATV and SxS owners, by nature, are people that live fast.

Aftermarket exhaust modifications are one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to add horsepower. One of the first names in exhaust mods is HMF Racing. We asked HMF founder Hans Luenger about his background in off-roading and the current state of the industry.

Can-Am: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved in the powersports industry.

Hans Luenger: Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved racing and building machines from the ground up. I started HMF in my garage, building private-label aftermarket performance Ducati Motorcycle exhausts for Fast By Ferracci. My passion for the off-road eventually led me to develop high-end exhaust systems for ATVs and SxSs.

Can-Am: HMF makes exhausts for a variety of powersports vehicles. Are there any special toys in the HMF garage or your personal garage?

Hans Luenger: I have a couple of custom builds I did over the years. I try to keep active with all the vehicles we build systems for. It really gives me a good feel for how I want these systems to work.

Can-Am: What type of riding do you enjoy the most?

Hans Luenger: Off-road racing, road racing. Anything to push the limits.

Can-Am: The ATV and SxS industry have really grown. Where do you see things headed?

Hans Luenger: The SxS thing is much more family-oriented, so I can see a strong market of riders out there who will want to share these vehicles.

Can-Am: What are your top-selling systems for Can-Am Off-Road vehicles?

Hans Luenger: The Outlander and Renegade systems are definitely our strongest Can-Am exhausts.

Can-Am: How critical is a free-flowing exhaust to the performance of your machine?

Hans Luenger: For the performance-minded person, it is a must.  

Can-Am: Which Can-Am model do you like the most and why?

Hans Luenger: I like the Renegade because it seems almost like a crossover vehicle between sport and utility ATV.

Can-Am: Any thoughts on the 2013 Can-Am Maverick?

Hans Luenger: It looks really “sporty” in the pictures, but we still haven’t gotten one of these in the shop.  

Can-Am: Do you have any advice for owners who are looking to get more performance out of their ATV or SxS?

Hans Luenger: An exhaust system is the easiest and most cost-effective way to increase horsepower on any machine without modifying the engine.

Can-Am: Where can owners find out more about HMF?

Hans Luenger: Online at By phone at 866.HMF.PIPE

Can-Am: You have any advice to Can-Am owners about getting the most out of their ATV or SxS?

Hans Luenger: Exhaust. Exhaust. Exhaust.

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