Can-Am ATVs: Snow Removal with Alpine Flex Plow


Dressed for snow removal: The 2012 Can-Am Outlander 1000XT with 54-inch Can-Am Alpine Flex Plow.

The end of the Can-Am Alpine Flex Plow product video is completely correct when it states, “…you’ll be looking forward to the next snow storm.” We are. We always do, but it’s especially true now that we’ve had the Can-Am Alpine Flex Plow installed on our 2012 Can-Am Outlander 1000 XT ATV.

You see, here in Minnesota, snow happens. It’s not a rarity. We know the white stuff will fall and plenty of it. Just when you think the snowfall is behind the normal totals, we get blasted and everything is blanketed white again. Winter and all that it entails is why we build a collection of snow battling attire and tools. Snow blower? Check. Shovels? Check. Waterproof/weatherproof clothing? Check. One can never have enough. We thought we had enough until one day another anti-snow tool arrived.

Can-Am PAC Alpine Flex Plow

The Can-Am Alpine Flex Plow comes in 54- and 60-inch sizes for ATV use.

Enter the 54-inch Can-Am Alpine Flex Plow ($329.99 US). The blade is made of almost unbreakable UHMW (read: thermoplastic that is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh impacts and is resistant to rust and chipping) and was much like giving a knight his sword. With this blade, the Alpine Flex Push Frame with quick-attach system ($499.99 US) and Plow Mounting Kit ($99.99 US), the Outlander 1000XT was armed for battle and read to slice through the deceivingly attractive and very fun, yet often problematic, white mess.


The Can-Am Flex Plow Push Frame mounts to the Outlander frame mount here. The frame mount requires no drilling and remains even when the snow plow (frame and blade) are removed so you can continue to ride and use your Outlander for other chores.

The magic isn’t really the piecing together of the plow system, but rather how it so easily – almost effortlessly – mounts to the your Can-Am ATV (Video HERE) once it’s a fully function snow removal system. Once the mounting bracket, which requires no drilling, is installed and the blade and push frame are one unit, you simply attach your winch cable hook (XT includes a 3,000-pound WARN winch) to the plow and retrieve the cable. The assembly smartly drags the push frame beneath the ATV and then self attaches to the frame mount. This not only save you from getting dirty or wet, but also eliminates any unnecessary lifting. Also, the Push Frame kit includes a new larger, bottom Plow Roller Fairlead replacement and cable saver limit switch. The latter uses a sensor to detect how far the blade has been lifted and shuts the winch down automatically. This is designed to save both the winch cable and front bumper from damage from contact with the plow – awesome!


To remove the Alpine Flex Plow assembly from the ATV, simply step on the this pedal and the push frame will detach from the mounting bracket.

And when you’re done plowing, simple step on the yellow detach pedal on the side of the push frame and the assembly drops from the ATV. Unhook the winch cable and return it and your Can-Am is ready for other chores or a jaunt down the trail. The mounting bracket remains while the blade and push tube are ready to be stored for the next snow (sand, black dirt perhaps?) assignment. Yes, it’s that easy!

Regardless of the size of the Alpine Flex Plow you choose, understand that the name Flex comes from the engineering of the plow system. The plow blade is designed to “flex” but the entire system, with its rearward release action and  integrated springs, is made to absorb unexpected impacts and protect the operator, vehicle and object accidentally impacted. Also, this level of impact absorption construction and the blade’s makeup means the plow can return to its original shape.


Notice the simple-to-use Alpine Flex Plow angle lever. The WARN 3,000-pound winch (at left) also received a larger bottom roller for use with the snow plow.

We also have to point out the reinvented blade turning mechanism that is mounted high on the push frame. The system is easy to use and requires only one hand to pull the lever and the other hand to angle the blade. The taller location on the push frame also eliminates having to bend down to change or adjust blade’s side angle. Also, the angle and height of the push frame kit maintains a high pivot point to keep the blade in contact with the ground and further withstand harsh hits.


The Alpine Flex Push Frame kit includes a cable saver limit switch. This image shows where the blade and angling mechanism stop before biding the cable or hitting the XT front bumper.

Moving snow is a chore, we all know that it really doesn’t matter which hand-held tool you go with, but once you use a snow blade and an ATV, it becomes more like a sport, or one could argue an art form, complete with strategic snow removal planning and piling. Before you start, just know that the 54-inch blade is ideal for smaller driveways and jobs and will clear a 50-inch path when fully angled. However, a 60-inch Alpine Flex Blade is also available for those who believe in always going big. That’s also why other plow accessories (drift cutters, rubber flaps, plow markers, etc.) are available as well – for those who want it all!

We’ve seen neighbors struggle to guide their snow blower to their backyard to remove snow to make a path for their dog, but with the Can-Am Alpine Flex Plow and an Outlander ATV, that task just got a whole lot easier and fun. Not only have we created winter dog runs, but we’ve also added piles of snow to our backyard snowboarding course earning a hearty “thanks dad!” Another win for the Can-Am Alpine Flex Plow.


The Outlander 1000XT and Alpine Flex Plow in action.

Visit or visit your local Can-Am off-road dealer for more details and information on vehicle fitment.



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