UTV Inc. talks SxS

UTV Inc. is something of an expert in the SxS market. We got their take on the current SxS market, what the introduction of the Can-Am® Maverick™ means and where they see the market heading.

Can-Am: Tell us a little bit about your shop and how you got involved in off-roading and building SxS.

UTV Inc.: UTV Inc’s facility is a 20,000 sq. ft. dreamland of manufacturing and fabrication. With only the best equipment from Haas, Mitsubishi, Lincoln, Baleigh, Omax, Snap-On, Ingersoll-Rand, Lagun, Miller, SuperMax, and Time Saver, we have the means to manufacture anything and everything we dream of.

Our current tool lineup includes five Haas CNC machines, five Lincoln TIG welders, two Miller TIG welders, a handful of Baleigh benders, a Mitsubishi laser, an OMAX water jet, and an 8×14 in-house powder coat oven. All the parts are available on our site and are manufactured and fabricated here in-house. From product design to production runs, UTV Inc. has the capabilities to do it all.

Can-Am: Why did you decide to go into the industry?

UTV Inc.: This is fun. It’s awesome. We get really excited to see new machines and build custom off-road machines daily, so it’s pretty much our dream job.

Can-Am: What was your reaction when you saw the Maverick for the first time?

UTV Inc.: When the first photos of the Maverick started to pop up on the internet, I was impressed. When the specs came out, I was even more impressed and excited to see it in person and drive it. We knew right away Can-Am had something really special.

Can-Am: We recently featured a custom Maverick from your shop. Tell us about the build and how it all came together.

UTV Inc.: At first, we were told we would have to wait three months to receive the shop car, but that changed to four days. We had a dune trip planned, and there wasn’t anything that was going to stop us from taking it to Glamis on that trip. The machine showed up late Wednesday afternoon and we immediately tore it down.

Cage, seats, wheels and tires, seat belts, plastics – you name it, and we took it off. We started bending tubes and machining cage bungs that night. By midday Thursday, the cage was built, and we were starting on custom seat mounts to drop the seat and move it back. Friday, the cage and parts were powder-coated, and the install guys went to work until 10 that night to ensure it was bolted together, wired up, and ready to tackle the dunes on Saturday. It was a quick 48-hour build, and it came out great. Since then, the car is back to its dismantled state, and we are currently producing a full lineup of UTV Inc. parts for the Maverick.

Can-Am: The SxS market is really heating up. What do you expect to see from manufacturers in the coming year?

UTV Inc.: That’s something we get asked a hundred times a day. I can only imagine where we will be in the next year or so with the UTVs that will be coming out. With the new machines like the Maverick raising the horsepower bar and the Wildcat X raising the suspension bar, I think it will have to eventually plateau. At least for a bit. I think the trail guys who need smaller width will be getting some upgrades in the suspension and horsepower number. It seems like most manufactures have been getting wider and wider, though many people cannot have a machine wider than 50″. It’s a market that is still 100% relevant, and manufacturers will have to look to improve those machines to keep everyone across the globe happy.

 Can-Am: In your opinion, what are the strong points of Can-Am SxS?

UTV Inc.: Can-Am SxS are powerful, built well, and have an attention to detail that is industry-leading.

Can-Am: Any predictions on what lies ahead for the SxS industry?

UTV Inc.: If I had to predict what we will be seeing in the SxS industry, I would guess a 80+ HP 50″- to 55″-wide trail machine. I’m sure we’ll also see someone trying to compete power-wise with the Maverick, with numbers jumping over the 100-horsepower mark on all industry-leading machines.

Can-Am: Do you have any advice to owners who are looking to modify their Can-Am SxS?

UTV Inc.: Give us a call, and we can help you out on anything you need.

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  1. Ron,Kathy and Erik Wiborg

    I want a SxS…


    When I saw the Maverick for the first time the first thing cross my mind was the name…and the second thing was the look of it…The name is the same as my grandson’s and the look is Bad ASS ..i sure do love it..

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