“What the heck. I’ll never win…”

What the heck. I’ll never win…”

We received an unprecedented response for the Can-Am® Maverick™ Sweepstakes. Over 19,000 of our Facebook fans entered for their chance to win the 101-horsepower SSV. The lucky winner was Jennipher, a Canadian transplant living in Texas. Spending as much of her free time in the Texas backcountry as her schedule allows, Jennipher can’t wait to explore new places on her Maverick. We asked what her plans were for her new SSV.

Can-Am: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

Jennipher: I am a Canadian, missing the Rocky Mountains, but not missing the snow. I work as a recovery room nurse, so when it’s time to relax and play, I take those times very seriously.

I was confirmed as the grand prize winner on my 40th birthday! I knew for a few weeks but had to send in the legal forms. It was hard to keep quiet on the Can-Am Off-Road Facebook page when all the fans were doubting the validity of the contest I love living in Texas, where there is so much adventure – from hiking the South Rim in Big Bend, to completing my first ultramarathon in Palo Duro Canyon, to learning how to surf the waves off the Gulf Coast. The Maverick will be just perfect for the four-wheel-drive portion of the Padre Island National Seashore!

Can-Am: How did you hear about the Maverick Sweepstakes?

Jennipher: I saw a picture of the Maverick on Facebook and thought it was so cool-looking. I figured, “What the heck. I’ll never win…”

Can-Am: What was your reaction upon finding out that you’d won?

Jennipher: I was shocked. The first thing I did was call my parents in Canada and texted my best friends.

Can-Am: The Maverick is the most powerful SSV on the market right now. How excited are you to take it for ride?

Jennipher: Actually, I’m more nervous about driving it. I dream of being able to ride in British Columbia, where I was born.

Can-Am: There are only a handful of Maverick SSV available right now. How does it feel to have such a coveted off-road vehicle?

Jennipher: Very excited!

Can-Am: What’s the first thing you’re going to do with your new Maverick?

Jennipher: Read the owner’s manual! I’ve never owned anything like this, but I have ridden on a rental ATV in Baja Mexico and on my friend’s ranch west of Fort Worth.

Can-Am: How do you compare terrain of Texas to Canada? Better riding?

Jennipher: I prefer Canada to Texas because of the mountains and the clean rivers and streams. Also, there appears to be much more public land available in Canada. Texas has the beaches and warm weather, which is nice, but I think there are more off-road options in Canada if you don’t have your own sprawling Texan ranch.

Can-Am: Any places near where you live that you’re already thinking about exploring with the Maverick?

Jennipher: I was thinking of the four-wheel drive portion of Padre Island National Seashore near the Gulf of Mexico.

Can-Am: Are you going to let anyone else drive it?

Jennipher: For a fee! My friends are more excited that me I think! I just keep wondering, “What have I gotten myself into?” 

Can-Am: How are you going to handle all of your soon-to-be very jealous friends?

Jennipher: None of my friends are jealous. They’re just very excited for me, and they can’t wait for it to arrive, too!

Can-Am: Anything you want to add or you want people to know about you?

Jennipher: I can’t wait to meet my Maverick in February. There will be pictures!

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  1. Tommy

    I’m disappointed that it went to someone who never rides and it will probably sit in a shed after the first few weeks. its really going to be a waste of a good machine…

  2. Luc Barrette

    Wouain!!! c po drole, j’ai po gagné la can-am, j’aurrai su quoi faire avec, ya du bois et de la foret tout le tour icitte….


  3. glen

    i love to win a can am , i go up hunting moose , and have to carry it out on my back along way into the woods , other people around where i get the moose have there tikes and side by sides and dont even help u hall it out and wont even asked u if u need help , so i realy love to have a Maverick or a tike , but ratter have a side by side tho , i can never affort one , i never even had a tike or a side by side in my 48 yrs of living

  4. Lukas

    Shud have went to a winner who rides not just a rental sport but who lnows it might be left outside fading in sun

  5. Laurie Williamson

    Congrats Jennipher, I am a Canadian retired in Yuma ,Az and enjoying my Can-Am Commander 1000 Ltd . Riding in the desert and ridge riding in the mountians is really exciting. I haul it home in April ,to Ontario where movement is restricted to– pay for– trails.
    You will enjoy your Maverick.

  6. If you haven’t seen this machine in action, it’s quite impressive. After almost half a decade of total dominance in the sport sector, I think The RZR has finally met its successor to the throne. It took guts to post head to head drag race, hill climb and hard turning head to head challenges on their website, and while certain elements of these test could certainly be faked, I bet if you tried it yourself with stock RZRs and Wildcats you’d get the same results. Why did it take so long for a UTV manufacturer to steal the proven design technique of mid-engine placement that have given super cars their superior balance for years?

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