LinQ System is Fast, Easy and Secure

When BRP created the new platform ATV platform a few years ago, the engineer team looked at the rack and attachment methods in the marketplace and determined that none of them were good enough for Can-Am vehicles and owners.

So they went to the drawing board and developed the LinQ System that literally plugs accessories into the vehicle. It consists of diamond-shaped openings in key locations on the standard racks and the LinQ latch.  You insert the latch into the opening and with just a quarter turn of the lever, an accessory is securely attached to the vehicle.

It takes just a second without tools and it’s so strong the item literally becomes part of the vehicle.  A small Allen set screw can be tightened to lock the latch into place near permanently, deterring thefts.

“We developed LinQ System along with the vehicle and it’s now standard on nearly every Can-Am ATV and SSV,” said Allen Bernais, Product Manager for Can-Am Off-Road Accessories & Clothing .  “The LinQ accessories themselves are built with the same attention to style and detail as the vehicle.  For instance, we use castings in areas where steel tubing was used in the past for a high level of fit and finish.  Can-Am owners expect that.”

The system adds a whole new level of versatility to Can-Am off-road vehicles, because you can add or remove accessories so quickly.

“You can turn an Outlander Max from a weekday workhorse with Gear Grips and racks into a weekend luxury cruiser in a few minutes,” said Bernais.  “Or remove cargo bags and racks once you get to your destination for free riding.”

Also note that the LinQ openings on the racks are designed to be used to secure miscellaneous items with traditional attachments, such as ropes, straps and bungees.

Here is a selection of LinQ System Accessories for Can-Am ATV and Side-by-Sides:

Trunk Box for Outlander and Outlander MAX models

Retrofit adaptor plate for Outlander models

Deluxe Modular Bags

Front and Rear Rack Extensions

We are also partnering with outdoor accessory leader Kolpin for LinQ System accessories:

Gun Boot Rack

Mounted Gear Grips

So really, as with all accessories from Can-Am, LinQ items integrate perfectly with your vehicle, fit perfectly and match its colors.  And they also maintain your vehicle’s original warranty.

See all LinQ accessories on

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