Customize your side-by-side vehicle with BRP Accessories

Customize your side-by-side vehicle with BRP Accessories Can-Am side-by-side vehicles have some of the longest feature lists in the industry. Yet we know that every Commander or Maverick owner uses their vehicle in a different way and different conditions. So we offer a variety of accessories for you to create your unique side-by-side vehicle.

Enabling you to customize your side-by-side vehicle is so important to us that we design and engineer our accessories at the same time as our vehicles, so you get genuine accessories that fit perfectly and meet the same quality standards – from the day they hit dealer showrooms.

Here are some highlights of our accessories for Commander and Maverick for 2013:

Sport Roof Made of thermoformed TPO, the Sport Roof protects riders from the elements. Natural UV protection ensures the color will not fade. P-style clamps solidly attach the roof, yet there’s still space between the roof and roll cage, so the paint is not worn off and there’s no rattle – common issues with competitive roofs. The design accommodates our Light Rack (see below).

The Camo version uses water dip technology which makes it durable and UV resistant. It has the same Next Vista pattern as our units. It’s also extremely durable.

Available for: Maverick 2013 and up, Commander 2011 and up

Bimini Roof with Sun Visor

Think of the Bimini Roof as the convertible top for your side-by-side vehicle. When you want the sun to shine, in, just fold the canvas top and fasten to the rigid visor. The top material is highly UV resistant, ensuring longevity in the harshest conditions.

Available for: Maverick 2013 and up, Commander 2011 and up

Light Rack and Halogen Lights by Hella

Don’t stop riding when the sun goes down. Add the rugged aluminum Light Rack to mount and protect lights, such as Hella Halogen Lights. They deliver long range illumination and include the basic wiring and switch. They work with the halogen and/or HID lights without overloading your charging system.

Available for: Maverick 2013 and up, Commander 2011 and up

Sport Aluminium Doors

Made for BRP by Pro Armor, the Sport Aluminium Doors are styled perfectly for both the Maverick and Commander. It’s easy to get into and out of your side-by-side vehicle with the rear hinge and rotary latch; attach the safety nets to the doors for added peace-of mind.

We designed the doors with a slightly lower top line so you can still see your front tires, which is especially important in rock climbing.

Available for: Maverick 2013 and up, Commander 2011 and up

Rock Slider Bar

The 1.5 in. / 3.8 cm heavy duty steel tube Rock Slider Bar protects the side sills of the side-by-side vehicle in rugged conditions.

Available for: Maverick 2013 and up, Commander 2011 and up

Complete Audio System

Ride with a soundtrack by adding the Complete Audio System. Kick out the jams with this Jensen system that’s waterproof, UV-resistant and versatile. Listen to AM/FM radio, 7-channel weather band, iPod, USB 2.0, MP3 or WMA files.

Available for: Maverick 2013 and up, Commander 2011 and up

Underbelly protection

Have no second thoughts about tackling tough terrain by protecting the underside of your Maverick or Commander with our skid plates. We offer several plates to shield various sections and components.

Draw-formed 5052-H32 aluminum 3/16 in. / 4.5 mm thick is durable and lightweight. Select plates have an embossed Can-Am logo for added style. All our components can be purchased separately, so you can add pieces as your budget allows and your taste for adventure grows. Each component is designed to function alone or with another.

Available for: Maverick 2013 an up, Commander 2011 and up

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