Can-Am SxS Windshields: More than Meets the Eye

So you’re looking for a windshield for your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Maverick side-by-side vehicle.  They’re just a piece of plastic, so any one will do, right?


We have designed each of our SSV windshields with the same care and attention to detail as the vehicles themselves.  Check out some of the attributes and features that  make BRP windshields your clear choice.

Half Windshields

  • The height is optimized for the vehicle use. The Commander version is slightly higher for maximum wind protection;  the Maverick version is slightly lower to reduce buffeting at higher speeds.

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Full Windshields

  • Attaching full polycarbonate windshields do not require tools, so they’re easy to install.  They’re also easy to remove on those hot days where you might want to feel the breeze.
  • All our full windshields have a perfect seal with our roofs, reducing wind noise, water and cold entry into the cockpit.
  • We use 6mm (1/4″) polycarbonate, which is 50% thicker than competitors’ 4mm (1/6″).  We also include a stiffener.

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Full Windshield (Hardcoated)

  • Both sides are coated with Makrolon* to protect against nicks and scratches, and for dirt and mud to slide right off.
  • The full windshield has badging instead of silk screening, because the Makrolon is so slippery silkscreen won’t stick to it!
  • Makrolon was originally developed to prevent graffiti in public areas – it’s so slippery and tough, paint and marks wipe right off.

* Markorolon is a registered trademark of Bayer

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Glass Windshield and Wiper

  • This kit includes laminated auto glass which is DOT approved.  Many competitive solutions require you (or your dealer) to acquire your the automotive-grade glass, have it cut, transported and installed.  That’s a lot of work and risk.
  • The wiper system is pre-assembled and installation is plug-and-play.
  • The unconventional wiper arm action is remarkably efficient at keeping the primary vision area clear.  And the switches are located within easy-reach and nicely integrated.
  • Filling the washer fluid reservoir is simple, as it’s right in the hood service centre of the Commander and Maverick.  Other systems use valuable glove box or cockpit room for the reservoir.  This is the advantage of designing the accessories at the same time as the vehicle, something only an OEM can do.

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