Tech Tip: Regular Maintenance Makes Sense

Whether you like to turn your own wrenches or are someone who fully utilizes the service department at your Can-Am dealership, it’s wise to practice a regular maintenance schedule on your ATV / SSV. It’s called preventative maintenance for a reason. We understand you work hard and play harder with your Can-Am ATV / side by side, but that’s also why we went the extra mile and created a suggested maintenance chart.

Our detailed and proven recommended maintenance schedule, created by our team of experts who understand your ATV / Side by side, keeps your Can-Am off-road vehicle going strong and, ultimately, you happy.

We also offer a full line of ATV / side by side parts and accessories, including a bevy of 100% BRP and Rotax OEM-certified parts and products, to keep your investment running smoothly. Our XPS brand of brake fluid, suspension grease, shock oil, synthetic four-stroke oil, premix antifreeze/coolant is a high-quality product designed specifically for your Can-Am vehicle.

Regardless if you’re just nearing the 25-hour mark or have already logged 3,700-plus miles behind the wheel of your Can-Am, we have maintenance recommendations and the product to support you.

Maintenance Tips @ 475 miles / 25 hours

  • Clean the CVT air inlet/outlet
  • Inspect and clean the CVT air filter
  • Inspect the brake system and pads
    • Highlight: Brake Pad Kit (705601014 / 705601015): Our replacement brake kit pad is affordable, engineered for a proper and easy fitment and enhances your vehicle’s stopping performance. See your authorized Can-Am dealer.

  • Tighten the wheel lug nuts
  • Inspect the drive shaft boots and protectors
  • Inspect passenger grab handles condition
  • Inspect hitch condition
  • Inspect driver and passenger seat latch operation
  • Inspect tailgates latch operation


Maintenance tips @ 625 miles / 50 hours

  • Replace air filter
    • Highlight: Air Prefilter (707800293): A prefilter for an air filter is inexpensive, but can extend your vehicle’s recommended service time by filtering sand and smaller contaminants from reaching your air filter. It’s $20 spent wisely!

  • Verify battery condition
  • Inspect front differential / rear final drive oil level
  • Inspect drive shaft joints condition
  • Inspect front / rear propeller shaft joint condition
  • Inspect tie rod ends
  • Inspect shock absorbers for leaks
  • Lubricate shock absorber spherical bearings (X model)
  • Inspect and lubricate front suspensions arms


Maintenance Tips @ 1,875 miles / 100 hours

  • Inspect seat belts
  • Inspect side nets
  • Replace the engine oil and oil filter
    • Highlight: Oil Filter (420256188): For use an all Can-Am off-road vehicles, the oil filter essentially screens/cleans the engine oil, capturing small contaminants prior to the oil entering your vehicle’s engine. A common sense part!

  • Inspect and adjust the valve clearance
  • Inspect and clean the muffler spark arrester
  • Check engine coolant strength
  • Inspect throttle body
  • Clean the fuel pump prefilter
  • Inspect the fuel pump pressure
  • Replace fuel vent breather filter
  • Inspect the drive belt
    • Highlight: Performance Drive Belt (715000302 / 715900024 / 420256188): Whether you own a Can-Am ATV or side-by-side vehicle, you can replace your original drive belt with a Performance Drive Belt, which are calibrated to maximize your vehicle’s off-road performance. For those with the X mr or Maverick, a100% PBO-material Performance Drive Belt (715900212) is also available. Its advanced compound is more tolerant to high-temperature situations. See your dealer for more information.

  • Inspect, clean and lubricate the drive and driven pulleys (including the one-way bearing)
  • Inspect the gearbox oil level and condition
  • Inspect wheel bearings
  • Inspect the steering system (column, bearing, etc.)
  • Inspect and clean the brake system and pads
  • Inspect frame for any damage
  • Replace rear final drive oil


Maintenance Tips @ 3,725 miles / 200 hours

  • Replace engine coolant
  • Verify cooling system
  • Verify fuel system
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace front differential oil
  • Replace gearbox oil
    • Highlight: XPS Synthetic Gear Oil (293600140, SSV / 2936000043, ATV): Incorporating current lubricant technologies, our XPS Synthetic Gear Oil, available for both ATVs and SSVs, provides optimal protection in severe operating conditions and high temps. Its durability far exceeds competitive synthetic and conventional API GL-5 gear oils. Capable of withstanding higher load capacities, XPS Synthetic Gear Oil (75W-140, SSVC; 75W-90, ATV) offers thermal stability, near constant viscosity and added wear protection.

  • Clean the vehicle speed sensor
  • Replace the brake fluid

Preventative maintenance is similar to regular visits to your doctor. By being diligent with your vehicle exams and routine maintenance checks, you’re not only ensuring your Can-Am continues to function as it should, but also keeping yourself happy in the long run. Whether you choose to do it yourself or go to an authorized Can-Am dealer, you can better connect with and protect your vehicle for years to come.

For more product information, contact an authorized Can-Am dealer or visit See the 2014 Can-Am off-road parts, accessories and clothing catalog here. Check pages 146-147 for the complete recommended periodic maintenance schedule.

Contact your authorized Can-Am dealer to schedule a service appointment.

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