Get Winterized!

Snow and cold temperatures should never prevent you from getting the full enjoyment from your Can-Am off-road vehicle. While some people practice winter storage, we at BRP wholeheartedly believe in snow removal. Proven accessories like our Apache 360 track kits, Alpine Flex Snow Plows, windshields and other winter-specific products will take the bite out of winter and also make for a far more entertaining experience. Here’s a list of Can-Am ATV, SSV and wearable accessories that will surely help you prepare for winter.

Side by Side and ATV Accessories

Whether you own an ATV or a side-by-side vehicle, these key accessories will make winter seem more like a walk in the park.

Apache 360 and 360 LT Track Kit

Our innovative and industry-leading Apache Track Kit, available for both our ATVs and SSVs now comes with a three-year warranty through March 1, 2014. The lightest track kit on the market, our system uses curved front tracks and the industry’s largest contact patch for improved handling and flotation in a wide variety of terrain. The Apache Track System, which can be installed within 20 minutes and has a cast-aluminum frame, provides the highest ground clearance available on the market.

Sealed, double-bearing wheels add durability, rubber over molded wheels reduce vibration and the snow-oriented track profile dominates winter but can tackle year-round use as well. Mounting Kit required. DPS module eases the steering effort and provides speedometer accuracy. Track tension is controlled via a simple, easy-to-adjust torque setting.

Alpine Flex Snow Plow System

Available in 54- and 60-inch sizes for ATVs and 72-inch for only SSVs, the flexible UHMW Alpine Flex Snow Plow system is designed to be lightweight, durable and convenient for snow removal. Along with its rearward release action, the Alpine Flex Snow Plow is built to flex, absorb impacts and return to its original shape to protect the plow, driver, vehicle and object in case of accidental hits while plowing. Simple mounting system means easy attachment and detachment. Featuring an innovative blade-turning mechanism, which is mounted as high as possible on the push frame, that doesn’t require bending down to change or adjust the blade’s angle.

Requires a mounting kit. With an Alpine Flex Push Frame Extension installed, the system can be used with the Apache Track System. For the blade, extensions, edge markers, drift cutters and wear blades are also available. Other accessories, including WARN† winches, synthetic winch ropes, magnetic sensors and more are also offered.


Cold air has a way of finding its way to your neck and chilling you to the core. Think of a windshield as an anti-wind chill device. Available in both a standard design and hard-coated, our SSV full windshields offer optical clarity and protection from the harsh elements. Designed to offer more impact resistance than acrylic windshields, the UV-resistant full windshields won’t yellow, glaze or crack. Installation is fast and requires no tools. The hard-coated full windshield’s dual-sided polycarbonate material features enhanced resistance to abrasions, discoloration and wear-and-tear. A glass windshield and wiper kit (715001678) is also available.

For ATV owners, we offer three choices for windshield height (low, high and extra high). They range in height from 6 to 16 inches (41 cm). Clearly, the Extra High design windshield offers the most protection from the wind and is ideal for winter use. All ATV windshields feature a tool-less installation / removal. And you can customize your windshield by adding a fairing, then the windshield height and finally optional lighting and / or mirrors.

Side-by-Side-Specific Accessories

Sport Aluminum Doors

Built from lightweight aluminum and powder coated black, our Sport Aluminum Doors give your SSV a full-functioning door, the feel of a truck cab and great looks. Entering and exiting the SSV is simple thanks to our rotary latch and rear hinge opening configuration. The doors fit Commander (2011-2014) and both the Maverick and Maverick MAX vehicles.

Sport Roof – Protect yourself from the elements with a durable Thermoformed TPO Sport Roof, available in either black or camo. The Sport Roof fits both the Commander and Maverick SSV lineups and is UV Resistant. The Camo version of the Sport Roof uses a specific water-transfer process for enhanced resistance to fading, scratching and damage. A Light Rack can be added to this roof.

LED Light Bars

Because snow falls on its own schedule, it’s always good to be able to turn dark into daylight. Our 10-watt Cree LED Light Bars, available in 10-, 17- and 39-inch lengths for both the Maverick and Commander line of Can-Am side-by-side vehicles, come in black and offer a range of 5,400 to 21,600 Lumens to light up the winter night. With different mounting points, you can customize the fit and where you need the light to reach. Cab-mounted lighting will improve your vision for plowing snow, as it will illuminate beyond the plow.

Soft Rear Window

With the temperature-resistant (-4°F / -20°C) see-through vinyl Soft Rear Window, you can prevent dust, rain and sleet from finding its way back into your side-by-side. Installation is simple with two-inch hook-and-loop straps. Fits both the Commander and Maverick SSV. When combined with a full windshield, roof and doors you can create that full-cab look and feel.

Complete Audio System

OK, so a sound system is not a winter necessity, but it can make for a far more enjoyable day behind the wheel of your Can-Am side-by-side. Whether you’re exploring your favorite swampy bogs or plowing through those pesky snow drifts plugging you and your neighbor’s driveways, listening to your favorite tunes or podcast can help pass the day. Our waterproof, UV-resistant system features an integrated Jensen† wired remote, amplifier/receiver and speaker (50Wx4) combination. Along with LED illumination, the Complete Audio System offers an AM/FM tuner, 7-channel weather band and compatible with iPod, USB 2.0, MP3, WMA. It’s designed with an operating range of 10°C (14°F) to 60°C (140°F). Requires Radio/GPS Console Adaptor (715001404).

ATV-Specific Accessories


Let’s face it, a rear-view mirror or handlebar-mounted mirrors (ATVs) can make a world of difference when you’re plowing snow or working around the farm. We offer a rear-view and both left- and right-hand side mirrors for side-by-sides. Just like in your car or truck, mirrors offer you better vision while operating your vehicle in a repeated forward / reverse motion. Mirrors are a commonsense addition for anyone serious about his or her Can-Am.

Heated Accessories

If you plan on playing in the white stuff or simply braving the brisk, early morning temperatures to explore your local riding area, remember that you can add heat to your ATV without even bringing along your own fire. For extra warmth, add a heated thumb throttle and grips. Or add heated visor outlets for you and your passenger. A heated visor outlet can be purchased for side-by-side owners as well. For those who don’t need heated accessories but want to stop the wind from robbing warmth from their hands, we also offer wind deflectors for both drivers and passengers.

Winter Riding Gear

Technical Wear

Riding in the winter, especially where temperature dip far below freezing, requires a strategic layering technique. That’s why we offer our Technical Wear line of apparel. Depending on your riding style and location, the Technical Wear, available for Men and Women, is base layer and will be closest to your skin. It’s designed to wick moisture away from you, so you’re dry and warm. When combined with both a mid layer and an outer layer, you’ll feel warm and toasty even on the chilliest of days. Along with thermal tops and leggings, we also have neck, feet and face protection. We have you covered, literally, from head to toe!

Winter Gear

From jackets to riding pants to gloves, we offer apparel for both the inner and outer shell for those looking to layer for warmth or just simply bundle up. BRP offers both Winter Adventure Gear and Winter Recreational Gear, complete with Can-Am logos, that can cater to both hard-core snow lovers or those who only frolic in it occasionally. Fleece tops for inner warmth and pants and jackets for a waterproof exterior.

Full-Face Helmets

Clearly, if you’re going to be riding and working with your ATV or SSV, it’s good to product your noggin with a helmet. However, if you plan to work or explore during the frigid times, a full-face helmet is even better. Either our DOT-approved, Polycarbonate composite Modular 2 (447521) or BV2S (447404) full-face helmets offer your face protection from the elements and include fog-resistant visors. They are available in assorted colors and adult sizes to match your winter wardrobe.

For more product information, contact an authorized Can-Am dealer or visit Download a full-color Can-Am ATV and side-by-side riding gear, accessories and genuine parts brochure here. Contact your authorized Can-Am dealer to schedule a service appointment.

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