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Soyez prêts pour l’hiver!

La neige et les températures froides ne devraient jamais vous empêcher de profiter de votre véhicule Can-Am hors route. Alors que certaines personnes laissent l’hiver les envahir, nous, chez BRP, préférons l’apprivoiser. Nos accessoires éprouvés, tels que nos systèmes de … Continue reading

On The Hunt With Can-Am

    Deeply immersing yourself in something you’re passionate about means you’re a die-hard in whatever sport, hobby or pursuit you take. BRP knows hard-core off-roaders, explorers and hunters, and offers these enthusiasts, and others who call the outdoors a … Continue reading

Tech Tip: Regular Maintenance Makes Sense

Whether you like to turn your own wrenches or are someone who fully utilizes the service department at your Can-Am dealership, it’s wise to practice a regular maintenance schedule on your ATV / SSV. It’s called preventative maintenance for a … Continue reading

Can-Am SxS Windshields: More than Meets the Eye

So you’re looking for a windshield for your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Maverick side-by-side vehicle.  They’re just a piece of plastic, so any one will do, right? No. We have designed each of our SSV windshields with the same care … Continue reading

Customize your side-by-side vehicle with BRP Accessories

Customize your side-by-side vehicle with BRP Accessories Can-Am side-by-side vehicles have some of the longest feature lists in the industry. Yet we know that every Commander or Maverick owner uses their vehicle in a different way and different conditions. So … Continue reading