Get Winterized!

Snow and cold temperatures should never prevent you from getting the full enjoyment from your Can-Am off-road vehicle. While some people practice winter storage, we at BRP wholeheartedly believe in snow removal. Proven accessories like our Apache 360 track kits, Alpine Flex Snow Plows, windshields and other winter-specific products will take the bite out of winter and also make for a far more entertaining experience. Here’s a list of Can-Am ATV, SSV and wearable accessories that will surely help you prepare for winter.

Side by Side and ATV Accessories

Whether you own an ATV or a side-by-side vehicle, these key accessories will make winter seem more like a walk in the park.

Apache 360 and 360 LT Track Kit

Our innovative and industry-leading Apache Track Kit, available for both our ATVs and SSVs now comes with a three-year warranty through March 1, 2014. The lightest track kit on the market, our system uses curved front tracks and the industry’s largest contact patch for improved handling and flotation in a wide variety of terrain. The Apache Track System, which can be installed within 20 minutes and has a cast-aluminum frame, provides the highest ground clearance available on the market.

Sealed, double-bearing wheels add durability, rubber over molded wheels reduce vibration and the snow-oriented track profile dominates winter but can tackle year-round use as well. Mounting Kit required. DPS module eases the steering effort and provides speedometer accuracy. Track tension is controlled via a simple, easy-to-adjust torque setting.

Alpine Flex Snow Plow System

Available in 54- and 60-inch sizes for ATVs and 72-inch for only SSVs, the flexible UHMW Alpine Flex Snow Plow system is designed to be lightweight, durable and convenient for snow removal. Along with its rearward release action, the Alpine Flex Snow Plow is built to flex, absorb impacts and return to its original shape to protect the plow, driver, vehicle and object in case of accidental hits while plowing. Simple mounting system means easy attachment and detachment. Featuring an innovative blade-turning mechanism, which is mounted as high as possible on the push frame, that doesn’t require bending down to change or adjust the blade’s angle.

Requires a mounting kit. With an Alpine Flex Push Frame Extension installed, the system can be used with the Apache Track System. For the blade, extensions, edge markers, drift cutters and wear blades are also available. Other accessories, including WARN† winches, synthetic winch ropes, magnetic sensors and more are also offered.


Cold air has a way of finding its way to your neck and chilling you to the core. Think of a windshield as an anti-wind chill device. Available in both a standard design and hard-coated, our SSV full windshields offer optical clarity and protection from the harsh elements. Designed to offer more impact resistance than acrylic windshields, the UV-resistant full windshields won’t yellow, glaze or crack. Installation is fast and requires no tools. The hard-coated full windshield’s dual-sided polycarbonate material features enhanced resistance to abrasions, discoloration and wear-and-tear. A glass windshield and wiper kit (715001678) is also available.

For ATV owners, we offer three choices for windshield height (low, high and extra high). They range in height from 6 to 16 inches (41 cm). Clearly, the Extra High design windshield offers the most protection from the wind and is ideal for winter use. All ATV windshields feature a tool-less installation / removal. And you can customize your windshield by adding a fairing, then the windshield height and finally optional lighting and / or mirrors.

Side-by-Side-Specific Accessories

Sport Aluminum Doors

Built from lightweight aluminum and powder coated black, our Sport Aluminum Doors give your SSV a full-functioning door, the feel of a truck cab and great looks. Entering and exiting the SSV is simple thanks to our rotary latch and rear hinge opening configuration. The doors fit Commander (2011-2014) and both the Maverick and Maverick MAX vehicles.

Sport Roof – Protect yourself from the elements with a durable Thermoformed TPO Sport Roof, available in either black or camo. The Sport Roof fits both the Commander and Maverick SSV lineups and is UV Resistant. The Camo version of the Sport Roof uses a specific water-transfer process for enhanced resistance to fading, scratching and damage. A Light Rack can be added to this roof.

LED Light Bars

Because snow falls on its own schedule, it’s always good to be able to turn dark into daylight. Our 10-watt Cree LED Light Bars, available in 10-, 17- and 39-inch lengths for both the Maverick and Commander line of Can-Am side-by-side vehicles, come in black and offer a range of 5,400 to 21,600 Lumens to light up the winter night. With different mounting points, you can customize the fit and where you need the light to reach. Cab-mounted lighting will improve your vision for plowing snow, as it will illuminate beyond the plow.

Soft Rear Window

With the temperature-resistant (-4°F / -20°C) see-through vinyl Soft Rear Window, you can prevent dust, rain and sleet from finding its way back into your side-by-side. Installation is simple with two-inch hook-and-loop straps. Fits both the Commander and Maverick SSV. When combined with a full windshield, roof and doors you can create that full-cab look and feel.

Complete Audio System

OK, so a sound system is not a winter necessity, but it can make for a far more enjoyable day behind the wheel of your Can-Am side-by-side. Whether you’re exploring your favorite swampy bogs or plowing through those pesky snow drifts plugging you and your neighbor’s driveways, listening to your favorite tunes or podcast can help pass the day. Our waterproof, UV-resistant system features an integrated Jensen† wired remote, amplifier/receiver and speaker (50Wx4) combination. Along with LED illumination, the Complete Audio System offers an AM/FM tuner, 7-channel weather band and compatible with iPod, USB 2.0, MP3, WMA. It’s designed with an operating range of 10°C (14°F) to 60°C (140°F). Requires Radio/GPS Console Adaptor (715001404).

ATV-Specific Accessories


Let’s face it, a rear-view mirror or handlebar-mounted mirrors (ATVs) can make a world of difference when you’re plowing snow or working around the farm. We offer a rear-view and both left- and right-hand side mirrors for side-by-sides. Just like in your car or truck, mirrors offer you better vision while operating your vehicle in a repeated forward / reverse motion. Mirrors are a commonsense addition for anyone serious about his or her Can-Am.

Heated Accessories

If you plan on playing in the white stuff or simply braving the brisk, early morning temperatures to explore your local riding area, remember that you can add heat to your ATV without even bringing along your own fire. For extra warmth, add a heated thumb throttle and grips. Or add heated visor outlets for you and your passenger. A heated visor outlet can be purchased for side-by-side owners as well. For those who don’t need heated accessories but want to stop the wind from robbing warmth from their hands, we also offer wind deflectors for both drivers and passengers.

Winter Riding Gear

Technical Wear

Riding in the winter, especially where temperature dip far below freezing, requires a strategic layering technique. That’s why we offer our Technical Wear line of apparel. Depending on your riding style and location, the Technical Wear, available for Men and Women, is base layer and will be closest to your skin. It’s designed to wick moisture away from you, so you’re dry and warm. When combined with both a mid layer and an outer layer, you’ll feel warm and toasty even on the chilliest of days. Along with thermal tops and leggings, we also have neck, feet and face protection. We have you covered, literally, from head to toe!

Winter Gear

From jackets to riding pants to gloves, we offer apparel for both the inner and outer shell for those looking to layer for warmth or just simply bundle up. BRP offers both Winter Adventure Gear and Winter Recreational Gear, complete with Can-Am logos, that can cater to both hard-core snow lovers or those who only frolic in it occasionally. Fleece tops for inner warmth and pants and jackets for a waterproof exterior.

Full-Face Helmets

Clearly, if you’re going to be riding and working with your ATV or SSV, it’s good to product your noggin with a helmet. However, if you plan to work or explore during the frigid times, a full-face helmet is even better. Either our DOT-approved, Polycarbonate composite Modular 2 (447521) or BV2S (447404) full-face helmets offer your face protection from the elements and include fog-resistant visors. They are available in assorted colors and adult sizes to match your winter wardrobe.

For more product information, contact an authorized Can-Am dealer or visit Download a full-color Can-Am ATV and side-by-side riding gear, accessories and genuine parts brochure here. Contact your authorized Can-Am dealer to schedule a service appointment.

Hunter Miller Wins TORN Quad Pro Championship on Can-Am DS 450

Maverick Racers Earn Podiums in Texas and Tennessee

Valcourt, Québec, November 14, 2013 – Can-Am® ATV and side-by-side racer Hunter Miller won both the UTV Expert and the Quad Pro classes at the Texas Off-Road Nationals finals held in Combine, Texas. The ATV class victory also gave Miller the overall TORN Quad Pro championship on his DS 450™, over his brother Cody. Can-Am Maverick™ 1000R side-by-side racers also competed in the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix and the UTV Rally Raid Northern Series.

“I can’t say enough about the effort put forth by Hunter Miller, earning a championship on his DS 450 and also ending the season on a high note with a UTV Expert class victory in his Can-Am Maverick 1000R X rs,” said Jeff Leclerc, Racing Project Leader, Can-Am. “We had several racers compete in various series and, once again, came away with numerous podium finishes.” Continue reading

Soyez prêts pour l’hiver!

La neige et les températures froides ne devraient jamais vous empêcher de profiter de votre véhicule Can-Am hors route. Alors que certaines personnes laissent l’hiver les envahir, nous, chez BRP, préférons l’apprivoiser. Nos accessoires éprouvés, tels que nos systèmes de chenilles Apache 360, nos systèmes de pelle Alpine Flex, nos pare-brises et autres produits spécifiquement hivernaux sont conçus pour affronter la saison froide et pour en faire une expérience encore plus divertissante. Voici une liste des accessoires pour les Can-Am VTT et VCC qui vous aideront à être prêts pour l’hiver.

Accessoires pour VTT et VCC

Que vous soyez propriétaire d’un VTT ou d’un véhicule côte à côte, ces accessoires essentiels rendront votre hiver facile et confortable.

Système de chenilles Apache 360 et 360 LT

Innovateur et leader de l’industrie, notre système de chenilles Apache, disponible pour nos véhicules VTT et VCC, comprend désormais une garantie de trois ans offerte jusqu’au 1 mars, 2014. En plus d’offrir les chenilles les plus légères sur le marché, notre système utilise des chenilles recourbées et compte la plus grande surface de contact de l’industrie ce qui permet une meilleure traction et une meilleure flottaison sur une grande variété de surfaces. Le système de chenilles Apache, qui peut être installé en 20 minutes et qui possède un châssis en aluminium moulé, propose la garde au sol la plus élevée sur le marché.
Les roues à double roulement scellées procurent durabilité et les roues à surmoulage de caoutchouc réduisent les vibrations alors que le profil de chenilles adapté pour la neige facilite la transition entre les saisons. Ensemble de fixation nécessaire. Le module DPS maximise la souplesse de la direction et permet l’affichage de la vitesse réelle. La tension des chenilles est réglable à l’aide d’une clé dynamométrique.

Système de pelle Alpine Flex

Disponible dans des dimensions de 137 et 152 cm (54 et 60 po) pour les VTT et de 182 cm (72 po) pour les VCC seulement, la lame de pelle flexible de polyéthylène UHMW du système de pelle Alpine Flex est légère, durable et idéale pour le déneigement. Avec son mécanisme de relâchement arrière, le système de pelle Alpine Flex est conçu pour fléchir, absorber les impacts et reprendre sa forme initiale pour protéger la pelle, le conducteur, le véhicule et tout objet heurté accidentellement. Facile à attacher et à détacher grâce au système de fixation rapide, simple à utiliser. Son mécanisme de rotation de lame avant-gardiste est fixé aussi haut que possible, vous évitant ainsi de vous pencher pour changer la lame ou ajuster l’angle.

Nécessite un système de fixation. Une fois la rallonge de châssis poussoir Alpine Flex installée, le système peut être utilisé avec le système de chenilles Apache. Pour la lame, des rallonges, des marqueurs d’extrémités de pelle, des ailerons latéraux et des patins d’usure sont également disponibles. D’autres accessoires comme les treuils WARN†, les câbles synthétiques pour treuil, les capteurs magnétiques et bien plus sont également offerts.


L’air froid trouve toujours le moyen de se faufiler jusqu’à votre cou et de faire frissonner votre corps tout entier. Un pare-brise vous offre une excellente protection contre le vent. Disponible dans les modèles standard et ultra résistant, nos pare-brises pour VCC offrent une transparence optimale et une protection maximale contre les éléments. Conçus pour offrir une meilleure résistance aux chocs que les pare-brises en acrylique, ils ne jaunissent pas, ne craquellent pas, ne se fissurent pas en plus de résister aux UV. L’installation est facile et rapide et ne nécessite aucun outil. Le polycarbonate à revêtement sur les deux faces du pare-brise ultra résistant offre une meilleure résistance à l’abrasion, à la décoloration et à l’usure. Un ensemble de pare-brise en verre et essuie-glaces (715001678) est également disponible.

Pour les propriétaires de VTT, nous offrons trois choix de hauteurs de pare-brise (bas, haut et extra haut). Leur hauteur varie de 15 à 41 cm (6 à 16 po). Le pare-brise extra haut offre la meilleure protection contre le vent et est idéal pour une utilisation hivernale. Les pare-brises de VTT ne nécessitent aucun outil pour être installés et désinstallés. Vous pouvez personnaliser votre pare-brise en choisissant sa hauteur et un carénage en plus des lumières et des miroirs offerts en option.

Accessoires spécifiques aux VCC

Portes sport en aluminium

Construites en aluminium léger et recouvertes d’une peinture au fini poudre noir, nos portes sport en aluminium ont fière allure et donnent à votre VCC de véritables portes qui procurent la sensation d’être dans une cabine de camion. Entrer et sortir du VCC est facile grâce à notre loquet rotatif et aux charnières arrière. Les portes conviennent au Commander (2011-2014) et aux véhicules Maverick et Maverick MAX.


Toit sport

Disponible en noir ou avec motifs Camo, notre toit sport conçu d’une pièce thermoformée en oléfine thermoplastique vous protège contre les éléments. Résistant aux UV, le toit sport convient aux VCC Commander et Maverick. En version camouflage, ce dernier a été soumis à un traitement d’étanchéité à l’eau, ce qui le rend très durable et résistant à la décoloration, aux rayures et aux dommages. Un support de lumières peut y être ajouté.

Barres de lumière DEL

Étant donné que la neige tombe quand bon lui semble, il est toujours utile de pouvoir s’éclairer en période de noirceur hivernale. Nos ensembles de lumières à ampoules DEL Cree de 10 watts sont disponibles dans des longueurs de 25, 43 et 99 cm (10, 17 et 39 po) pour les véhicules côte à côte Can-Am Maverick et Commander. De couleur noire, ils offrent une puissance de 5400 à 21 600 lumens pour éclairer les nuits hivernales. Grâce aux différents points de fixation, vous pouvez faire l’ajustement à votre convenance et éclairer exactement où vous le souhaitez. Un tel éclairage sur votre cabine vous permettra de voir au-delà de la pelle ce qui est idéal pour le déneigement.

Lunette arrière souple

La lunette arrière souple en vinyle transparent résiste aux températures (-4 °F/-20 °C) et empêche la poussière, la pluie et la neige mouillée de s’infiltrer dans votre VCC. L’installation est très simple grâce aux bandes Velcro de 5 cm (2 po). Convient aux VCC Commander et Maverick. En combinant la lunette arrière souple avec un pare-brise, un toit et des portes, vous pouvez créer une véritable cabine.

Complete Système audio complet

C’est bien vrai, un système de sonorisation n’est pas une nécessité en hiver, mais il peut rendre votre journée au volant de votre côte à côte Can-Am beaucoup plus agréable. Vos chansons préférées ou la radio peuvent agrémenter votre journée, que vous soyez à explorer des tourbières marécageuses ou à déneiger bancs de neige et allées du voisinage. Notre conception étanche et résistante aux UV dispose d’un ensemble intégré Jensen† câblé avec amplificateur/récepteur et haut-parleurs (50 W x 4). En plus de l’affichage DEL, le système audio complet offre le syntoniseur AM/FM, la bande météo à sept chaînes et son iPod compatible avec la clé USB 2.0 et les formats MP3 et WMA. Conçu avec une plage de fonctionnement de -10 °C (14 °F) à 60 °C (140 °F). Nécessite l’adaptateur pour radio et système de positionnement terrestre (GPS) (715001404).

Accessoires spécifiques aux VTT


Soyons francs, un rétroviseur ou des miroirs fixés au guidon (VTT) peuvent faire toute la différence lorsque vous faites du déneigement ou que vous travaillez sur la ferme. Nos rétroviseurs latéraux gauches et droits pour VCC permettent d’obtenir un angle de vision élargi. Tout comme dans votre voiture ou votre camion, les rétroviseurs vous offrent une meilleure vision lors d’un déplacement avant/arrière répété. Les rétroviseurs sont un ajout incontournable pour tout véhicule Can-Am.

Accessoires chauffants

Si vous envisagez de jouer dans la neige ou simplement de sortir tôt en matinée pour braver les températures et vous balader à proximité, n’oubliez pas que vous pouvez ajouter de la chaleur à votre VTT sans même allumer une étincelle. Pour plus de chaleur, ajoutez l’ensemble de poignées et accélérateur chauffants. Vous pouvez également ajouter une prise pour visière chauffante pour vous et votre passager. Les propriétaires de véhicules côte à côte peuvent aussi se procurer une prise pour visière chauffante. Pour ceux qui n’ont pas besoin d’accessoires chauffants, mais qui veulent empêcher le vent de souffler sur leurs mains, nous offrons aussi des déflecteurs d’air pour les conducteurs et les passagers.

Vêtements de conduite pour l’hiver

Vêtements techniques

Conduire en hiver, surtout lorsque la température plonge sous la barre du zéro degré, nécessite des vêtements adaptés au froid. C’est pourquoi nous offrons une gamme complète de vêtements techniques. Selon votre style de conduite et votre situation géographique, les vêtements techniques, disponibles pour les hommes et les femmes, sont la couche de base la plus proche de votre peau. Conçus pour évacuer l’humidité, ils vous permettent de demeurer au sec et au chaud. Si vous combinez une couche de base avec une couche intermédiaire et une couche extérieure, vous vous sentirez bien au chaud même lors des journées les plus froides. En plus des sous-vêtements isothermiques pour le haut et le bas, nous offrons aussi une protection pour le cou, les pieds et le visage. Nous pouvons vraiment vous couvrir de la tête aux pieds!

Vêtements d’hiver

Des manteaux aux pantalons de conduite en passant par les gants, nos vêtements d’hiver sont fabriqués de tissus internes et de coques externes pour vous tenir bien au chaud. Agrémentés des logos Can-Am, les collections Aventure et Récréatif offrent des vêtements d’hiver, tant pour répondre aux amateurs de neige qu’à ceux qui en profitent occasionnellement. Hauts molletonnés pour plus de chaleur interne et pantalons et vestes imperméables pour l’extérieur

Casques hiver

Si vous devez conduire votre VTT ou VCC pour travailler, il est primordial de protéger votre tête avec un casque. Et si vous envisagez de travailler ou d’explorer pendant les périodes froides, un casque hiver est encore mieux. Nos casques hiver modulaire 2 (447521) ou BV2S (447404) approuvés D.O.T. avec composite en polycarbonate protègent votre visage des éléments et comprennent des systèmes de masque antibuée. Ils sont disponibles en plusieurs couleurs et tailles adultes pour s’agencer à votre collection d’hiver.

Pour plus de renseignements sur les produits, veuillez communiquer avec un concessionnaire Can-Am autorisé ou visitez Pour une brochure en couleurs Vêtements, accessoires et pièces d’origine Can-Am pour VTT et VCC, cliquez ici. Communiquez avec votre concessionnaire Can-Am pour planifier un rendez-vous.

Can-Am Maverick Pilots Victorious at 18th Annual Oklahoma Gold Rush

Miller Brothers Earn Three Wins at Annual Off-Road Racing Event

Valcourt, Québec, November 5, 2013 Can-Am® ATV and side-by-side racers, brothers, Hunter and Cody Miller, notched three overall wins and five total podiums at the 2013 Oklahoma Gold Rush event near Tulsa, Okla. The Louis Powersports / Can-Am racers each recorded a win with their Maverick™ 1000R X® rs side-by-side vehicles. Hunter won the UTV XC race, while Cody Miller took the overall in the UTV Super Moto event.

“Hunter and Cody Miller had an outstanding weekend in Oklahoma, winning three total classes and showcasing the versatility and capabilities of the Can-Am Maverick 1000R side-by-side vehicle,” said Jeff Leclerc, Racing Project Leader, Can-Am.

The 18th Annual Oklahoma Gold Rush was held Nov. 1-3 at The Hallett Motor Speedway in Jennings, Okla. The event hosted both ATV and UTV cross-country and Super Moto events. The ATV and UTV XC events were designed similar to Grand Prix-style events, complete with wooded sections, technical terrain and a shorter asphalt sector. The Super Moto races were roughly eight laps in length and featured an asphalt course with a small dirt segment with a couple smaller jumps.


Louis Powersports / Can-Am Maverick 1000R X rs racer Hunter Miller and co-pilot Johnny Hale won the UTV XC race at the 18th Annual Oklahoma Gold Rush event at Hallett Motor Speedway in Jennings, Okla. (Image courtesy of Hallett Foto Shoppe)

In the UTV XC event, Hunter Miller and co-pilot Johnny Hale started in fourth place, but gained one spot once they hit the asphalt section on lap one. Hunter was roughly a minute down at this point in the race. From there, he pushed his Can-Am Maverick, reeling in the leader after each lap. Finally, on the final turn of the race, Hunter took an aggressive line and made a pass for the victory. Chase Snapp, piloting a Can-Am Commander™, finished second behind Miller.

“My Maverick was dialed in and worked great for the entire race,” said Hunter Miller. “It really shined in the woods and rough spots and was a big advantage on the track’s pavement sections. I just kept driving hard each lap until I caught the leader with roughly 200 yards or so remaining. I then drove aggressively through the last turn, made a big pass, and came away with the UTV XC victory.”

Riding their DS 450 ATVs, Hunter and Cody went 1-2 in the ATV XC race at Gold Rush. However, Cody Miller also earned an overall victory, winning the UTV Super Moto with his Can-Am Maverick 1000R X rs. He also earned third in the ATV Super Moto event.


For more information on Can-Am racing, the ’13 contingency program and Can-Am DS 450 ATV amateur racer support program, visit


BRP (TSX:DOO) is a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of powersports vehicles. Distributed in 105 countries, its portfolio of brands and products includes Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft, Can-Am all-terrain and side-by-side vehicles, Spyder roadsters, Evinrude outboard engines, as well as Rotax propulsion systems. BRP employs approximately 6,800 people worldwide.

Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Lynx, Evinrude, Can-Am, Spyder, Rotax and the BRP logo are trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. or its affiliates.


Racing scenes photographed during an organized race involving highly skilled operators under controlled conditions. Do not attempt.

Can-Am Side-By-Side Racing Teams Win Pure 400, Ironman GNCC

Can-Am Racers Win 6 Classes in Indiana; Commander Wins Pure SxS Title

Valcourt, Québec, October 29, 2013 – Can-Am® ATV and side-by-side racers notched six class wins, swept the morning 4×4 podium and wrapped up several championships at the 2013 AMSOIL Ironman Grand National Cross Country series finale in Indiana. The JB Racing / Can-Am Maverick™ 1000R X® rs team, comprised of Tim and Julie Farr, won the XC1 Modified UTV class at the finale for its first overall of 2013. Can-Am Commander™ pilot Logan Gastel won his class at the DWT Pure 400 race to earn the 2013 AVE Racing Pure series SxS Pro Production 1000 class championship.

“Can-Am racers had a fabulous finish at the GNCC series finale, winning six classes, including the XC1 UTV Pro class by JB Racing’s Tim Farr. Winning the overall at Ironman was a great way to cap our first GNCC season with the Maverick 1000R,” said Jeff Leclerc, Racing Project Leader, Can-Am. “I applaud Can-Am 4×4 pilots Bryan Buckhannon, Michael Swift, Kevin Trantham and Forrest Whorton on their GNCC 4×4 championships and also Logan Gastel and Aaron Juarez for their 1-2 finish in the Pure racing series.”


Driving the Can-Am Maverick 1000R X rs side-by-side vehicle, Tim Farr and wife Julie won the Ironman GNCC XC1 Modified class and UTV overall in Indiana.

Ironman GNCC

JB Racing / Can-Am Maverick 1000R pilot Tim Farr won the XC1 Modified class and UTV overall at the AMSOIL Ironman GNCC in Crawfordsville, Ind. It was the first victory of the season for Farr and his wife / co-pilot Julie, but the second overall win for the JB Racing / Can-Am team. Farr, starting from row three, held the lead after the first lap and rode a steady race to record his first win with the Maverick 1000R in 2013. He won by more than 40 seconds over second place and finished the year in sixth place overall in the XC1 UTV class. The NC Powersports / Performance East / Can-Am teams of Stuart Weeks and Devon Steedley also recorded top 10 XC1 class finishes in Indiana.

“The JB Off-road Can-Am team rallied, and put us in the best Maverick we’ve raced all season. It was fast, handled great and ran flawlessly, allowing us to come from a third-row start and lead every lap to take the win. It was a perfect finish to the season and a huge confidence and momentum builder going into 2014,” said Farr.


Can-Am Renegade racer Michael Swift (Team UXC Racing / Can-Am) won the U2 class championship with a victory at the GNCC Ironman finale in Crawfordsville, Ind.


Can-Am Renegade® 800R X xc U2 class racers Michael Swift and Rob Smith came into the Ironman GNCC finale separated by just three points. The two resumed their battle in Indiana. After riding in second place after the first lap, Swift (Team UXC Racing) took over the lead on lap two and never looked back. Swift went on to post his eighth U2 class victory of the year and win by three points over Smith (BNR), who took second. Kevin Trantham, who tallied 12 wins in a row in his 4×4 Lites championship run, also made the 4×4 podium.

“My Can-Am Renegade 800 X xc performed its very best today at final round of GNCC. We claimed our sixth national championship. I would like to thank BRP and all my 2013 sponsors for a great season of racing,” said Swift.


Bryan Buckhannon won the GNCC 4x4 Open class on his ATV Parts Plus-backed Can-Am Outlander 800R 4x4 by going a perfect 13-for-13 in 2013.


Outlander 800R and 4×4 Open class champion Bryan Buckhannon (ATV Parts Plus / Can-Am) completed his perfect season, winning all 13 races this year. During his podium presentation, Buckhannon announced he would no longer compete full time on an ATV.

“Winning every round this season really shows the reliability of the Can-Am, and I couldn’t thank my mechanic, Charlie Johnson, enough,” said Buckhannon. “I’m super excited about committing myself 100 percent to racing the Maverick next year.”


Forrest Whorton took second in his class at the Ironman GNCC, but ended up with the Senior 4x4 class title this year.

Senior 4×4 (40+) Can-Am racer Forrest Whorton piloted his Outlander 4×4 to second place at Ironman to earn the class championship. Can-Am pilot Terry Whiteside won the class. Cory Bartlett, who was racing a Can-Am for the first time, won the 4×4 Novice class.


Riding his Can-Am Outlander 500 EFI 4x4, Kevin Trantham won the 4x4 Lites class and earned wins at 12 of 13 rounds in 2013. He also ended up on the 4x4 podium at the Ironman GNCC.


PURE 400

Murray Racing / Can-Am Commander 1000 X pilot Logan Gastel won the SxS Pro Production class and took second in the SxS overall at the DWT Pure 400 held in California City, Calif., to earn the 2013 championship. Gastel was joined on the podium by Murray Racing / Can-Am racer Aaron Juarez, who took second.


Murray Racing / Can-Am racer Logan Gastel won the AVE Racing DWT Pure 400 event and also captured the SxS Pro Production 1000 class title in his Commander 1000. (Image by Fernando Castro)


The Pure 400 consisted of two separate 200-mile races and offered three SxS classes. Gastel finished third in his class during the first 200-miles session and trailed Juarez and another racer going into the second session. However, Gastel won the second session and edged Juarez by three points, 193-190, for the class victory. His win, and four other podium finishes, propelled Gastel to the Pro Production class title.


“We have managed to come out on top in points with our 2012 Can-Am Commander. It has been a long, tough-fought series for my team,” said Gastel. “For the 2014 Pure series, I would like to return to defend our title in our new Can-Am Maverick.”


For more information on Can-Am racing, the ’13 contingency program and Can-Am DS 450 ATV amateur racer support program, visit
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