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Facebook Fan of the Month: Casey Pavlak

Last week, we asked our Facebook fans to post their coolest photos of their Can-Am ATVs or Commanders “doing whatever.” We got some amazing submissions, most of them unpublishable. Guys, please use a helmet, wear appropriate riding gear, and keep all four wheels on the ground! However, the photo request did give us the opportunity to meet Casey Pavlak from St. Louis, Missouri. Read our interview with Casey about his favorite trails and how after trying the Can-Am Renegade he’ll never go back to Yamaha. Continue reading

On the Trail in the Cascade Mountains

Last week we asked our fans on Facebook to share with us their favorite stories from the trail. That’s how we met Bob Sherwood, who rides in the mountains of central Washington on his Outlander 500. After cutting through trails covered by a few feet of snow, Bob came to a ridge where you can see Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Hood…all from the same spot. We caught up with Bob to find out a little more about this memorable riding spot. Continue reading