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Catching up with Can-Am’s Ultimate Mudder

Last year, Can-Am® searched for the Ultimate Mudder. Amid stiff competition, we designated Texas rider John Ferranti with the title. By his standards and his own admission, John’s performance underwhelmed last season. We asked John about his preparation for the … Continue reading

The Ultimate Mudder: The Endurance Challenge

Ultimate Mudder John Ferranti had never raced in the EPI Endurance Challenge before. He partnered with former rival and Gorilla Axle Racing team member, Dakotah Klein. See how the duo finish in what many consider the toughest race at Mud … Continue reading

Can-Am Presents: The Ultimate Mudder

The Ultimate Mudder is a six-video, six-story feature that tells the story of mud racer John Ferranti as he travels from his home in La Porte, Texas to the biggest racing event on earth, Mud Nationals. It’s an in-depth look at how John trains, … Continue reading

The Ultimate Mudder in the Ultimate, Unexpected Race

Respect in the mud racing community is earned, not given. There’s no boasting allowed — riders are judged by their results and character, nothing else. Despite being a relative newcomer to the racing scene, John Ferranti has not only earned … Continue reading

Can-Am présente : Le Maître de la boue

Les vidéos présentés ici sont en anglais exclusivement   Le Maître de la boue est un ensemble de six vidéos formant six épisodes qui racontent l’épopée du pilote spécialiste de la boue John Ferranti, depuis sa résidence de La Porte au … Continue reading